How do Gucci boots fit?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a pair on the internet... does anyone know if Gucci boots run true to size, a bit small or on the larger size? They would have a rounded toe...
    thanks so much!
  2. I find that with my recent pair of Gucci boots, they run true to size? This is sort of surprising to me, since previous Gucci shoes from older collections run big, in my opinion. However, a pair of new Gucci pumps with rounded toe also run true to size.

    Perhaps other ladies can contribute and help out too :smile:
  3. What kind of boots? Ankle or knee high? Someone gave me a pair of knee high Gucci boots a couple of years ago and I couldn't zipper them up and the foot part was pretty tight. So I would say they run small.
  4. Usually gucci shoes run big.
  5. I just returned to BlueFly the Gucci Hutton Boot. I'm a true size 9 and the pair I bought was 9.5. They fit beautifully.

    I chose to buy Chloe boots instead (they run tts for me). Hope this helps.
  6. ^^^ Oh, the Hutton boot is fantastic! Thanks for the help everyone-

  7. That Hutton boot is faboo. Trust me the decision to return was very difficult. It was the five inch heel that did me in :nuts:.

    The leather was to die for:drool:
  8. I have a pair of GG monogram boots but they have a pointed toe not round (they fit true to size in length but are tight to zip up)
  9. true to size and in my opinion (i have both round toe gucci shoes as well as regular gucci boots), very comfy.
  10. I just wanted to bump this old thread because I bought a pair of Gucci short ankle boots in my true size and they fit but kinda tight. I think I'll only be able to wear nylons with them, not socks. Does anyone have any new thoughts to add about how Gucci boots fit?
  11. hmm...
    i just tried on a pair of tall boots and they were TTS for me BUT the calves were tiiight!
    i was surprised b/c i don't have fat calves.
  12. I love your avatar, meluvs2shop! So cool.
    Well my new Gucci ankle boots fit tight across the top of my foot. I'm wondering if that's normal for Gucci. Maybe it's meant to be that way and to break in.