How do GH wallets hold up?


Jun 14, 2007
I am thinking of getting a giant hardware money wallet (not sure what colour yet), just wondering how the hardware holds up? i currently have a money wallet (LOVE THIS WALLET) with regular hardware and i've noticed that the hardware has gotten worn down from being in my purse. i've had it only about a year. otherwise its held up well (also its a darker colour, mogano so that helps). does the GH in silver or gold hold up better? does it get really scratched up or worn down?

another question is i'm thinking of getting it in argent (when it comes out)or pink but am scared of having a light coloured wallet. i've had lighter colours before and they always end up looking pretty dingey. thoughts? :shrugs:


Mar 27, 2007
Can't answer your question about the GH holding up, but I checked the prices on the new Bal website and they've listed the GH at $545, and the RH at $475.

I just got an RH on ebay. I was concerned about extra weight, but don't know if the hardware makes a difference in the wallets, like it does in the bags.:shrugs: