How do get wrinkles out of Carly? :(

  1. Hello fellow Coachies!

    At the beginning, I wasn't sure about the Lg. Khaki/Black Sig. Carly of mine, but over time it became my favorite bag.

    So here's the little problem, she is a little wrinkled. I think this is because the other day I got caught in the rain.(it didn't get soaked, but damp enough to maybe wrinkle a little.)

    So here's what I'm can I get the wrinkles out? I was thinking maybe I could put a thicker shirt over the Carly and lightly, but barely touching, brush an iron over the bag. I know if the iron came in contact w/ the Carly, it could mean disaster. I'd make it so that the iron barely touched the Carly, but just let the heat straighten out some of the wrinkles.

    So what do you think? I mean, it doesn't look terrible, but it doesn't look as crisp and nice as my Choc. Carly, and I feel bad now. So should I leave it alone, or try ironing it out gently? Or do you have a suggestion for me?

    TIA everyone!!! :heart:
  2. Do you have any pictures so we can see what you mean?
  3. OVER stuff it with a big towel or sheet. put it down into all corner and leave it for a a day/hang it by the strap in front of a heat vent so that the heat will warm it up, with it over stuffed it will be like ironing it ..
  4. i agree w bagfetish
  5. i say try a steamer
  6. Thank you Bag Fetish, gabz, and missaudrie!!!

    Bag Fetish~ I did stuff it and put it in it's dustbag, so maybe it's straightened out by now...I haven't taken it back out yet. That's a good idea hanging it over a heater or something.

    missaudrie~ I do have a steamer, I forgot I even had it! lol. I could try that. It'd be a lot safer than my! Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I would just stuff it full with old t-shirts and let it hang and see if that helped.
  8. ohh let us know what you end up doing and how it turns out- im curious to know!
  9. Just wondering were you able to get the wrinkles out?
  10. Or you could maybe use Downy wrinkle release? I'm not sure if that would be bad for the bag though.
  11. okay, I took the bag out yesterday to wear and she is fine....thank goodness! I didn't use a steamer or anything, all I did was pack it w/ some towels, put it in it's dustbag, and put it in the Coach box and gave her a rest for awhile. I think it was a combo of damp weather and the bag slouching that caused it to get a little wrinkled.
  12. I am so glad you got the wrinkles out~! I just bought TWO large Carly's and I have been thinking of you with this, especially since we have had a lot of rain lately!
  13. I took some pics of the bag now (after it was packed) and the bag is still a little wrinkled, but the front is's a lot better than it was, but as you can see from the pics, it's still a little wrinkled.

    Here is a pic of the back, and one of the front. Maybe you can sort of see what I mean. I apologize, these pics are from my camera phone. I forgot my real camera at my parents house the last time I was there. So here they are!
    1222071425.jpg 1222071425a.jpg
  14. I thought we didnt have to worry about our signature bags in the rain!!!?? I'm sorry this happened to you! The bag looks good though! glad you were able to fix her!!!
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you, LA, but at least you fixed her! She is such a BEAUTIFUL bag!!!! I also didnt know that rain could hurt our signature bags...I always thought signature was SAFE in ANY kind of weather and we didnt have to be so careful w/ it, but I guess I was wrong!....this is good to know! Thanks, LA and I am so glad you were able to get her back to good shape!!! BTW: Congrats on your newest baby arriving on 12/27...she's HOT and I cant wait to see pics!!!