How do Emphasize Your Best Feature ?

  1. How do you emphasize your best feature/features? What do you use ?

    What do you wear ?
  2. i always wear lipgloss. always. :smile:
  3. my best feature is my hair, and i'm very careful with how i treat it. no blow drying, no flat ironing, nothing damaging. i use pureology shampoo and conditioner, which is all-natural, and i finish with a little bit of frederic fekkai product and let it air dry. it's working out so far, i get the occassional compliment :-P. a customer at work asked me if it was fake one time, which i'll go ahead and assume meant good things...
  4. I would have to HAVE a best feature first!

  5. ^haha!me too!
    my best feature are my dark green eyes!
    i always wear mascara, kajal and a dark brown or black eyeshadow!plus, i take good care of my eyebrows!:biggrin:
  6. My best feature are my eyes too! I always curl my eyelashes. Always!
  7. I have large eyes with very long eyelashes. I always always wear mascara and my brows are always done. Not to brag but I also have very straight, white teeth. I get them whitened.
  8. It's gotta be that great grin!! I love your avatar, it makes me happy everytime I see it:lol:
  9. Skin and eyes, I wear face oil to keep a healthy shine and I'm never without mascara!!
  10. I like my eyes.

    I have a few options. Sometimes I wear a shimmery bronze to make the blue-green color stand out more, but I usually wear really bright colors to make them stand out and "pop"

    I wear: purple, hot pink, electric blue, green, etc-- haha and I always line all the way around with black eye-liner-- and usually cat-eye it. :-P

    I :heart: it.
  11. Eyeliner and mascara... without it my eyes look so small...
  12. My eyes are my best feature so to make the focus on my eyes I have my eyebrows & eyelashes tinted (as they are very fair) and I always wear eyeliner and mascara. My eyes are green so I use a violet eyeliner (sounds weird) and a black mascara.
  13. That sounds interesting. :heart:
  14. I know violet eyeliner and black masacara sounds weird but the violet almost looks brown - (its Clarins 04 colour) and it really makes the green of my eyes stand out.
  15. I always use slightly shimmery blush/bronzer to highlight my cheekbones... my current favorite is Cargo bronzer in medium and in dark. They're wonderful :amuse: