How do Emilio Pucci bikinis fit?

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  1. According to their size chart I am a 38 on top but a 40 on the bottom and you can't buy the pieces separately on NM.

    It is also my first bikini in about 10 years, but I've been exercising a lot so now I don't mind showing off my abs. :P

  2. I would say that they run really small! I am normally a size small and a 38 in Dior bikinis, but the size 40 Pucci bikini was WAY too small for me, I was falling out of it, lol.
  3. Thanks! That's good to know!
  4. Yeah they run pretty small, especially the top part. I have a triangle one, and the triangles are SUPER tiny so I'm always scared to wear them out in public if I accidentally pop out, but it's great for tanning since you don't have as much coverage.
  5. ^ Oh my! That's good to know. I'm self-conscious to begin with.
  6. I just looked at mine and the top is a size 44 and it's still pretty tiny, like a xsmall in regular bikinis lol. But it is really cute and colourful!
  7. I did buy one. The one I love went on sale at NM. It's a 42, but I think I need a 40 on the top and a 42 on the bottom. Here's how the conversation at home went:
    Me: "It's so cute! But the top is a little big so I'll have to return it." Husband, "it's skimpy." Me: "It's supposed to be skimpy, it's a bikini." Husband, "It looks like you're in your underwear." Me: "It's supposed to look like that, it's a bikini." Husband, "I don't like it." Me: "I wasn't asking you." Now I'm thinking of keeping it out of spite.
  8. I would do the same!!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Agree that they run small. Even if you own Pucci buy bigger than your normal Pucci size. I wear a 38 or 40 in Pucci dresses ....but you *don't* want to see me in either of those sizes in the Bikini's! :lol:
  11. The Pucci string bikinis are VERY skimpy (think mid-cheek on your backside, rather than traditional coverage), but the non-string bikinis are much more reasonable. I have both and will only wear the string bikini for tanning. As for size, I usually wear a size 0-4 in clothing and a size 40 in Pucci dresses, and the size 40 bikinis fit me perfectly (also have a 38 that I purchased on sale, and it's a little tight, but wearable).