How do each of your B-bags make you FEEL?

  1. I've noticed that different B-bags affect my mood and self-image in different ways. I'm curious and thought this would be a fun thread: How does each color/style in your collection affect your self-image and mood? :p

    I'll start!
    * 04 Rose First: ultra-feminine, sweet, a little high-maintenance
    * 05 Dolma Work: efficient, casual, granola-funkay
    * 05 Bordeaux City: elegant, serious
    * 06 Blue India City: trendy, relaxed
    * 07 Antracite Twiggy: hip, young, edgy
  2. Griege Work: as Work bag - efficient and
    as Baby bag - maternal

    Rouge Vif city: sexy and relaxed and fierce

    Black first: time for clubbing and adventure
  3. none yet: very sad.

  4. LOL. I'm hoping that a GH bag will give me that "fierce" feeling!! Fierce is missing from my collection!
  5. All in good time. The wheels are in motion for you. :yes:

  6. Hee...I think any bold colour B-Bag with killer heels will give the fierce feeling:graucho:
  7. Ooo! This is a really fun thread, here goes mine:

    04 Seafoam First: Bubbly, light, and perky
    04 Eggplant City: Mysterious and stylish
    05 Dolma Day: Hippy bohemian
    05 Anis Twiggy: Same as above for some reason!
    05 Indigo First: Trendy, night on the town, anything goes feeling
    07 Vermillion Day: High maintenance :shame:
  8. 05 Bordeaux first -- quiet & classy.
    05 (?) Caramel day -- stealth style. no one ever notices it but me:yahoo:

    06 Rouge vif city -- so what if I am wearing old jeans & flip flops, I still have some style.

    I carry my rouge vif city more than any other bag, probably 5 days out of 7. If I was to calculate the cost per use, I suspect it would end up being a very inexpensive bag.

    07 Black twiggy -- don't know. my friend picked it up from NM for me because I have been working so late and we haven't had a chance to get together yet:sad:
  9. Hi,
    funny thread !!!

    Here is my turn :

    - 06 City Ink : so chic and trendy, sometimes serious.
    - 05 Twiggy Calcaire : Sweet, like an angel, quiet (i was pregnant when i used it last summer), relaxed.
    - 06 Work Rouge vif : dynamic mum (I carry all the baby's stuff), fashion, ready for adventure !
    - 07 First Bleu Glacier : makes me feel like a teenager ! audacious,fun.
  10. All my BBags make me feel poor!
  11. :roflmfao:

    So far, I have only carried two of mine so I can't only comment on that.

    Blue India Box: It didn't feel right so I sold it.

    Ink City: Chic, cool.

  12. :roflmfao:
  13. all of them made me happy and made me wanna do this : :dothewave:
    that's all i can expressed in words :yes:
  14. are how a few of my bbags make me feel!

    BBGum pink city/first = girly, cute, fun
    Apple green first = funky, fun, cheery
    Magenta day = chic, feminine, bright and happy
    Black city = boho, feminine, funky
  15. I have noticed this, too. My different colored city bags make me feel differently.

    Rouge VIF city: wild, daring, bold, and bright
    Cornflower city: hip, funky
    Lilac city: soft, feminine
    Black city: edgy, biker cool