How do colored Birkins work for your wardrobe?

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  1. Correction: colored Birkins or Kellys

    I'm always a neutral bag person, and my wardrobe is also mainly black and navy colors with a few colored items here and there.

    what I have so far, including the SOs that will arrive, include Etoupe (SB), Graphite (Kelly) and Black (B30).

    I'm always curious to see how colored bags work in real life for all the TPFers here, and I'm curious if you found the colored birkins limit your wardrobe options. Obviously we have other threads dedicated to pictures etc, but I'd love to hear your opinions about your colored Birkins. thank you. :hbeat:
  2. In my opinion, colors like Rubis and Raisin are neutral enough that they pick up a black/navy outfit beautifully. They don't limit options at all. Rather, they widen them, just as a scarf or pair of shoes would do.
  3. I have a Vert Anis Birkin and it goes with 99.999% of everything in my closet. The only color it doesn't work with is some shades of green such as a blue-green but that is not a color I wear anyway. I have enjoyed that bag so much ... It gets a lot of use. I alternate it with my black Birkin, so it gets used at a minimum of 50% of the time and probably more. I've had it for a few years and still swoon over it!
  4. i have a mykonos that i thought would be really hard to pair with things, but once i got it and started playing around with outfits i was surprised by the versatility of it. i think colored bags are great and can go with many different colors
  5. I have a Thalassa blue birkin and amazingly it seems to go with loads of things. I think it's good to have at least one brightly coloured bag
  6. I have a Rouge Garrance birkin that works well with my entire wardrobe, mostly consisted of neutral color. I usually don't wear colors very much anyways, so a RG bag adds a nice splash of color.
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    i think darker blues like thalassa, abysse and blue de malte, rouge H, Orange or potiron, darker greens like vert bengale, pelouse can work as excellent colored neutrals....i tend to favor neutral bags myself, owning black box phw, marron fonce chevre ghw and gris t phw on my target is either sanguine or brique or orange or sable fjord....with ghw....i feel like it will work with navy and black or grey (i tend not to wear browns)....thissi about as much colro as i can handle!! lol! hth
  8. have numerous "colored" kellys... they work with everything in my wardrobe
    and offer versatility as well... if you are for example wearing all taupe, vert anis,
    or raisin is such a great accent... just have fun. Hermes colors are the best...
    orange, dark green, blues.. any colors that Hermes does is tops, IMO
  9. Dear Ladies,
    Do you think Ciel (Yellow ) Birkin is okay if all the attire is in black, the shoes as well, and jewellery is in yellow gold?
  10. This is one thing that always amaze me about Hermes.

    All their color match with so many others you wouldn't think possible.

    Vert anis, bois de rose, mikonos and so many other, go so well with most of the colors!

    Another reason I Love Hermes!
  11. Yes I think Soleil would look gorgeous as described, brightening the entire did mean Soleil (yellow) and not Ciel (sky blue) right?
  12. I'm a bright colored bag person especially H so I look at bags that will complete a color group it took me time to find the pink enough bag that works with all so H finally made bouganvillier that works so perfect with grey navy black white and baby pink it's not risky at all to wear this bag it's just so beautiful!!!! With all then my poitiron browns soft beige colors other oranges and with cream colors it matches beautifully navy and grey looks incredible, fuchsia wow everything goes perfectly with fuchsia it just wow everything black I tend to exaggerate colors and prints like Pucci or cavalli so that the black keeps me from going over the top I do this with gold as well but as I wait for blue electrique to be my blue and purple bag I'm thinking of going for an ultimate excess over the top color like Kiwi or even Celeste because I have shifted a lot from over the top Italian prints to minimalistic lines and so bright bags make my monochromatic outfits interesting and complete. In al, honesty darling I would encourage you to try a bit of color maybe not kiwi but maybe a soft red or soft blue like Celeste I think it gives you another view of H .hope it helps .birkel.
  13. totally agree!!! yes::yes::yes:
  14. Thank you all - forgot to mention that my work bag is a raisin chevre white bus:P
    I'm thinking about Parme (when/if they have that color in bags), or Tosca. I'm just not 100% sure about my taste after 10-20 years...and I do want my bags to last that long:P

    Do you find colored Kellys easier to pair with (more low key) than colored Birkins? I mean Birkin is a rather "loud" style since it's so iconic...

  15. don't think that the birkin is a "loud" style is perhaps
    very recognizable..

    the kelly bags are wonderful and so many of the colours in
    the kelly are gorgeous...its personal.. one is not better than
    the other.. it comes down to personal preference.. that's all