How Do Coachies Feel About Clutch Bags?

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  1. I have been thinking of adding a clutch to my handbag collection. I was wondering how many of you dear COACHIES own a clutch and how do you like it? I have been thinking about either the flower applique one (matches the floral Sophia) or the gathered leather clutch in black. I wish they had one of those optional shoulder straps to use when you don't want to put it down. I would like a bag that is considered dressy but it really needs to be functional. What do you think?
  2. I love a large clutch! My legacy garcia one is my fave!
  3. Try the Kristen clutch! It's beautiful!
  4. I use them for special occasions when I don't take much with me. They have their uses I suppose. Since I don't use them often, I won't spend alot on them.
  5. Agree with BeBe. I have one black Coach clutch and one silver. I mainly take them to weddings. I bought both from the 50% off wall at the outlet.

    They will last me a lifetime, but I still wouldn't spend more than $50 on one.
  6. I used to like clutch bags in the 80's, carried them under my arm....haven't not carried one for years though. To me they seem like dress up bags, as cosmogrrl said, I would not invest a lot of $ in one.
  7. I have a clutch, but not a Coach one. I only use it for weddings and such though. If I hadn't already had one I might buy a Coach one but would likely look for a big old sale. LOL! Just simply because I don't use them much. BUT I love the idea of them and how they look when I do carry one.
  8. I love the IDEA of clutches but I rarely use them if they don't have a removable strap. It's just too hard to carry most of the time and I'm afraid I will leave it on a table or somewhere with all my valuables inside. So, when I need a clutch--I just use an inexpensive one.
  9. I have many of them. I LOVE clutches. I switch into them at night when I dont need to carry sunnies with me.

  10. Agreed! I love the idea of them and how classy they look. Their are some gorgeous ones out there, but I doubt I will ever get one though b/c I dont think I would ever use it. I like to have my hands free and I am very forgetfull. I would hate to leave something that pretty on a table somewhere.
  11. I was contemplating getting one clutch in black or silver. I have a masquerade ball to go to and I think this will work. However, I don't want to spend lots on it because I don't see myself using it often
  12. I'm really liking the wristlet clutches. I have a couple. I use my black one as a wallet in my xl slim duffle felicia. It is a very big bag, so when going out for lunch I just grab my clutch wristlet and go. I just started using a couple of others that got off bonz and the bay for about $30 each in lilac and charcoal gray. They are great for weddings as some have mentioned and going out to dinner and a movie. I also have a capacity wristlet that works well also. But I use them as a wallet in my XL coach bags works out great.
  13. Funny, DH just asked me about them yesterday when we were in another shop. I don't really like them because I really don't have a use for them. I take a lot of stuff with me when I go out, so they would probably never work :smile:. I ALWAYS travel with my water bottle, so I couldn't really see myself stuffing it into a clutch .. LOL! That being said, I do find them elegant and they look really nice on women who can pull them off :smile:!
  14. Not interested in spending money on one. I have a few small coach bags and larger wristlets that fit the bill and are more practical.
  15. I think they are great for parties when I don't want to leave my bag in another room with my coat, etc. Also when going out to dinner where I can keep it in my lap or on the table if there's room. It's just nice to have when there's no handy place to set my bag. I don't mind spending money on one since I'll probably be dressed nicely, so the bag would have to go with, kwim?