How do Coach shoe sizes run?

  1. I went to the Coach store today fully intending to buy the Ireland Espadrille in black.

    I am normally a size 10 so I asked for that and they were waaay too big on me. I was surprised and excited because I figured Coach shoes ran narrow. So I asked for a 9.5 and THOSE were too big too! Went for the 9 and they were tight :sad: , so what happened? How is it possible for 9.5 to be very big and the 9 to be very tight? The SA opened the 9 from a new box so it wasn't a box/shoe error. I thought maybe it could be a factory error so I asked for a different 9 but they only had one 9 left.
    I absolutely LOVE these shoes and I am so disappointed! These shoes are the item I secretly run to as I browse the internet... :love:

    I ended up getting as an early birthday gift sneakers (Dahlia Khaki/Gold)

    These are pretty darn cute too and I had a hard time deciding between these and the black/grey ones.
  2. Most of the shoes run big. I bought a really cute pair of sandals in size 9, I usually wear a size 11. The sneakers run true to size. The mules run a bit narrow. I always try on Coach shoes before I buy them. You just never know.
  3. ^^ so true! I am the same way, 10, but usually a 9.5 in coach. Then one pair of sneakers I got in a 9.5 were too small and an 8.5 sandal fit fine. You have just GOT to try them on.
  4. My wedges I was able to get a half size smaller, however since I have lost weight my foot has shrunk a bit.
  5. I have noticed that some of their shoes run big and some run true to size. You just never know.
  6. I have 2 pairs of coach shoes and both times they were TTS for me. One r a pair of pumps and the other are sneakers.
  7. I have always had to go at least a half size down... no matter the style of shoe... I consistently wear a 8/8.5 and I never have over an 8 in Coach shoes...

    Also... I tryed on the Nicola flats yesterday in an 8... and I didn't really feel like they were fitting right ( you couldn't see my toes in the peep toe area!!)... I think I am going to go back and try a 7.5, which would be the smallest size I've worn in a while...

    I agree its on a shoe by shoe basis...
  8. I feel like they run a half size bigger. I have really wide feet and I usually have to go a half size up in ballet flats, but yesterday I bought the Jana ballet flats and they were actually a half size too big.
  9. I agree. I am usually a 8.5 across the board and my Coach pumps are 8.5 and are the most comfortable shoes ever. :yes:
  10. hey everyone i was just wondering how the coach sneakers run. I want to buy the jayme sneakers ones online and im usually a size 8 or 8.5 so i was just wondering what one i would order.
  11. ^Every pair I've purchased so far have run true to size. I'm a 6.5 and sometimes I don't even bother trying the shoe on and have never had any problems.
  12. My coach shoes run true to size..i just have some tennis shoes
  13. The only thing more inconsistent than COACH's policies is their shoe sizing. Always try them on!
  14. i am a 9 1/2 and just returned some special ordered shoes because they were too tight while a 10 was leaving me flopping around.

    it just varies on the materials used and style. anything that is a sneaker or slip on, i need a 10.
    a flat, usually a 9 1/2.

  15. So true... I can wear anything from a size 6 1/2 - 8 in Coach shoes/boots, depending on the style. When I mentioned this to one of my Coach SAs, I was told that it's because Coach uses different shoe manufactures and that results in the inconsistency of the shoe sizing between the different shoe styles. If Coach used only 1 - 2 shoe manufacturers, I'm assuming that there would be more consistency with the shoe sizing.