HOW DO: Chloe's Weather the Weather (hold up in rain or snow or humidity)

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  1. Great idea!! You should patent that Kymmie!! Make a stylish rainjacket for our paddies:roflmfao:

  2. LOL I do that ALL the time!!
  3. I do this ALL the time too...and if I dont have a plastic bag on hand, I take my coat off and wrap my bag in it. People have given me the "she's-definitely-nuts" look LOL:lol: .
  4. This is New York water sooo I don't know there is a possibility of some type of wierdness. It is hard to notice but if you look closely they are noticable droplets of rain it has been a couple of days and they did not come out. Perhaps I will take bag and wipe it with a moist bounty? or perhaps baby wipes?
  5. Did you try 'stretching' technique mentioned??

    You might also consider using an all over conditioner and see if that blends that spots at all. Worse case scenario your entire bag ends up softer???


    Good luck!!

  6. Do you guys wear your paddy bags in the rain?

    I sprayed leather-proofer on it, but I still get SO paranoid taking it out into the rain...

    but, on the other hand, it seems a little silly to never wear such an expensive bag when it's a little drizzly out.

    what do you guys do?
  7. If it's just drizzly, I take mine.

    If it's pouring rain I stay inside, LOL!! :whistle:
  8. I wear it in the rain, not in the pouring rain though! I want it to look beat up.
  9. I am much more concerned about my Silverado in the rain than my Paddy--and I live in Seattle :beach:
  10. I got caught in the most incrediby rain storm last summer with my paddy in the basket of my bike, the bag was absolutely soaked through, within 2 hours, she had dried out and was completely perfect and unaffected. what a bag ;)
  11. I got caught in a downpour yesterday with my Chocolate Paddy and I don't see anything wrong with it today at all. (But, I do like that "weathered" look -- no pun intended!;) )
  12. I've gotten some drops and it dried no problem, but I like the idea I read here somewhere that said to keep a tightly rolled up plastic bag in case of rain so you can over your bag!
  13. No pouring down rain experiences yet, but I did get caught in a drizzle and my bag looks much as these bags cost there should be an automatic button you can push and a bag comes from underneath and covers the whole bag*LOL*.....
  14. I have taken my Paddington out in the rain (not heavy) and its still fine.
  15. I've taken both my Paddingtons out in torrential rain and haven't had a problem with either.

    You should be fine but it wouldn't hurt to protect them to set your mind at ease.