HOW DO: Chloe's Weather the Weather (hold up in rain or snow or humidity)

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  1. Oh I managed to pick up a waterproofing protector and spray from a dept store, used it on my Paddy, and it didnt affect the colour (or the smell) one bit! I sprayed it directly on and, bearing in mind that this spray was actually meant for shoes, I'm pretty impressed with how hardy Paddys are! Now to test how waterproof worthy it is :wondering
  2. I took edith out today and managed to splash about 10 waterspots on her after i washed my hands (I hate trying to figure out where to put my bag in a washroom!). the spots completely disappeared in 5 minutes. I didn't treat her with anything- and since she handled this so well, I'm not going to worry about cloudy skies or drippy hands any more!
  3. I took my paddy to work last week and got caught in the rain - I was so upset it had wet patches all ove it - I nearly cried - but after about 10 mins they all dissappeared and was fine again ...
  4. I wouldn't use a blowdryer... I'm glad the spot went away without any damage.
  5. i am a proud new owner of a chloe pocket paddington in tan.

    serenitysue i am from aus as well, do you think chloe bags need to be conditioned or waterproofed like the girls do with their balenciagas?
  6. Hiya Frayed! Congrats on your new Paddy!!!

    I don't do anything to mine. I find that Paddys are remarkably resilient. I've had rain on mine, water splashes from hand-washing, eheheh.. etc. and no damage or marks. It just dries normally and that's it:smile:) I'm not anywhere as gentle with my Paddy as I am with my Bbags. Also, I find the handles don't tend to absorb oils and crap the way untreated Bbags do.

    Don't stress about your pocket Paddy, Frayed:smile: Enjoy her! She's quite tough.

    ETA: I want pics!!! lol!
  7. yes im opening a new thread now it is SOO hot!!
  8. I was caught in the rain with my whiskey edith. Now it has splatter like stains on it. How do I get rid of it?
  9. Give it some time to dry out- it should be fine.
  10. I distinctly remember a thread that talked about stretching the leather around the rain spots. If you do a search on "stretch" "rain" and "chloe" I am sure you can find it.
  11. I think this might be the thread you're talking about LG:
    You should try it Minnie, it seems like it worked for a few people with the same problem! :yes:
  12. way back when the edith first came out someone here got their edith DRENCHED by rain.
    everything dried out fine. then again it was soaked and not splattered, maybe it makes a difference?
  13. I got my whiskey rained on and when it dried, it was as good as new. Unless you got some weird residue from the rainwater falling off of something, I think you should be alright.
  14. Oh no, I hope your Edith did not sustain any damages. It rained last twice last week, my assistant thought I was a weirdo for placing my handbag in a trashbag before leaving. I did not care what anyone thought. I just needed to get from my classroom to my Jeep without ruining my bag. I was only carrying my LV Speedy 30, not my Chloe - but, still...