How do chargebacks work?

  1. I recently bought a pair of Lanvin flats from eBay, but the shoes I received were not the shoes in the auction. (Wrong material/style etc) She doesn't offer refunds and I know paypal is I'm wondering how does a chargeback work? Do I send the item back? Do I get my money back for sure? Will paypal debit me the money back later, and will they cancel my account?

    Also, for any Lanvin experts, they are supposed to be F/W 2006 / 2007 black patent flats, they're not very shiny, they have no sewn in label, and the embossed label on the inside sole says "Eté 2007" which really doesn't make any sense to me...could they be fakes? :cursing:
  2. You have to go through PP first if you paid using PP. Once they deny the claim you can try a chargeback.
  3. Argh! That is lame since paypal takes FOREVER. I contacted the seller but I honestly don't know what she is going to do...
    The shoes I bought were supposed to look like this:
    Instead I received a black version of these:
  4. wow, shocking!

    dosent that seller have good feedback and sell ALOT of designer shoes?
    im apalled that she wouldnt honor a refund, its clearly NOT the same shoes.
  5. I HOPE she sent me the wrong shoes, and will send the correct ones, or maybe will honour a refund in this situation...but her policy is no I'm not sure! :push:
  6. if she doesnt send you the right shoes, open a dispute with paypal, escalate to claim straight away and give them a week or two ...if nothing happens get on to your cc company ...which company do u use?