How do Botkiers break-in?

  1. I just got my botkier trigger and it seems a little stiff, do these break in and get softer? I know it says so on the botkier website but does anyone have firsthand experience?
  2. Is it a pebbled leather botkier trigger? Because I know the pebbled ones are naturally stiffer than the smoother leather...which is really soft overall. I have last season's moss green luxe trigger in the medium and it is pretty soft leather. My holster which is cognac pebbled leather, on the other hand is stiffer, which i like about the bag because it has a boxier shape....but haven't used the holster long enough to know if it will soften over time. My guess would be that with much use over time, depending on how frequently you use it, leather , even the pebbled ones-- will eventually soften. Hope this helps!:P
  3. i'm thinking to get a Botkier Luxe Trigger. most of their bags are made with pebbled leather this year, but i love the smooth yet soft leather so much!

    i heard that smooth leather gets wrinkles easily. is it true that pebbled leather won't age quickly? thanks.
  4. I have 3 Botkiers that are less than a year old. They lose their shape quick, but I always stuff them with air-bags so they don't get slouchy. I think they are supposed to wear in "slouchy", but I prefer structured bags. The leather has stayed pretty much the same.