How do bags depreciate in value?

  1. I'm getting ready to sell my entire collection (except my Chanels), and as I'm putting together my inventory list, I have no idea how to price my bags.

    For instance, if I have a 2 year old LV that I paid $800 for and it is in very good condition, what should I sell it for?

    I know that condition is going to be a factor, however all of my bags are very well cared for, and none of them have been carried more than 6 months total. They have no signs of damage, or scratches, but you can tell they have been carried lightly (normal wear).

    Also, do you think any brands hold their value better than others? I'm primarly looking at selling LV's, Kate Spades, Prada, Burberry and Coach if that matters.
  2. I always look at ebay listings to see what bags similar to mine are going for. That should help. LVs hold their value (and often appreciate b/c of price hikes!). The other brands you mentioned tend to depreciate more rapidly.
  3. I think it depends a lot on the condition of the bag and supply and demand. LV retains a lot of resale value because there are a lot of collectors and because they don't change their line very often, so an older bag is frequently still desirable if it's in their current collection. Other brands I'm not sure about, though I can say that vintage Coach bags fetch some pretty handsome prices on eBay, I've lost more than a few auctions because the price just went waaaaay too high.
    I agree with BagLuver, watch auctions on eBay for items similar to yours to get an idea of when they might fetch.
  4. It depends on a lot of things such a demand for the bag, the condition of the bag, the price your purchased it for and other stuff like that. I got kate spades for 35% of what the retail is but I've seen LV's fetch close to what the original owner paid for cause the item cost let's say $350 like 8 years ago and now it's retail is $600 and it sold for let's say $450. That's more than what they paid for 8 years ago.

  5. When I listed my LV on eBay, I did a search for completed auctions to see for what price bags similiar to mine sold. Just go into "advanced search" and directly below "enter keyword or item number," check the small box next to "completed listing" before doing a search for your bag.
  6. LV, especially monogram, always does the best. Coach and Burberry do reasonably well if you didn't pay retail, but Prada, Fendi, and Dior all have terrible resale values because the market is absolutely flooded.
  7. ellerbean, what are you thinking of selling?