How disgusting is this?

  1. ugh, that is REALLY nasty :sick:
  2. um.. lol i saw that.. and i was like wtf???? you should look at the outside of the bag.. really dirty too. :yucky:
  3. nasty!!
  4. Ugh.. poor abused bag !
  5. i saw that! i feel so bad for that bag...
  6. Eeewww!
  7. poor thing :throwup:
  8. gosh, and isoldit accept this type of LV too?? Ewwww
  9. oh my gosh! That is dirty!
  10. OMG who would buy this disgusting bag? It's horrible!
  11. Poor thing!!! I'm calling CPS!!!
  12. Get out the Lysol and dip that baby in the tub-to-scrub-a-dub-dub!
  13. $300 lol.
  14. Thats not a handbag.. its a very expensive trash can:yes: