How dirty does the white Scribble get?

  1. I'm interested in getting one of the white Scribble skinny coin purses off eBay. Is the material cotton? Will it get really dirty? I plan on using it on a daily basis.
  2. the mini skinny is so cute in the scribble print! i have the hobo and i must say it WILL get pretty beat up if you don't take care of it.
  3. I have a couple different scribble items from this year and last year and it will get dirty. I have not found a good way to clean it yet. They said use soap and water but that does not seem to do it. If anyone has come up with a way to clean...let us know. :crybaby: I was going to put mine in the washer (the pouch) just to see what would happen but my SA nearly had a heart attack when I said that. :wtf: So I have not yet tried.
  4. You just have to be really careful with it. Since it is a mini skinny, it should be safe inside your bag. I have seen some pretty beat up scribble bags at my school. :crybaby:
  5. it does get pretty dirty- especially if it's got suede on it.

    as for cleaning- i just get a wet washcloth and a little bit of soap and scrub away!
  6. It gets very dirty easily
  7. very very very VERY dirty.

    it's a high maintance bag that costs relatively cheap compared to other Coach products.

    i love the line, but i am wary of getting it because i'm a 'drop your purse on the floor' kinda gal.

    however, i have seen older, authentic, versions of scribbles in excellent condition, it really depends on the user.
  8. i've has my bag for a few weeks now and it's not dirty at all, which is suprising since I walk around highschool with it all day. I guess you just have to be careful with it.

    Sometimes some lint will get on it and then i just use a lint roller. As for stains the SA told me for all my bags(except the leather parts) to use unscented baby wipes to remove stains. I've used the wipes on my sig.khaki small hobo and they worked great and left no stain at all.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Thanks fo the info I have been eBay shopping for an older style scribble. I think I will have to go in a different direction :sad: I am hopeless when it comes to keeping my bags clean.
  10. I totally agree with Ms. Whitney here. I have the large scribble tote. Mine is filthy!!! I have tried to wipe it down, but being cloth-like material it hasn't come clean. I've had it for a couple of years now and it's not white anymore at all...It's IVORY!
  11. I was at the Coach store today and was trying to decide between the Scribble Demi Satchel and the new Multi Stripe Sig. As soon as I picked up the Scribble, I could TELL it would get WAY DIRTY...WAY FAST!!! :sad:Too bad, cuz it's a super cute bag and pattern, but (IMHO) I decided against the Scribble....just not worth it to me to have a bag that I KNOW will get dirty!!! I don't want to have to worry that much about a bag. I decided on the Scribble Ponytail Scarf instead :smile:
  12. How disappointing. I guess I'm staying away from the Scribble. :sad:
  13. ^^ ^^
    same here
  14. I have the scribble cosmetic case and so far so good! It is in my purse all day tho. I can imagine that print gets dirty wayyy easy.
  15. So there isn't any way to clean the bags that are fabric? The SA in one of our local Coach stores told me they sell cleaner for their fabric bags (I was looking at an Optic Duffle). Was she totally wrong or does their cleaner not do the job?