How Difficult Is It to Return a Bag?

  1. Hi ladies! I have a couple of bags I purchased 3 months ago. One is a black GST from NM and one is a purple Chanel from the Chanel boutique in Honolulu. I've worn each a couple of times but have decided they're not for me. How easy is it to return bags to Chanel or NM? Do the SAs give people a hard time? :smile: Thanks ahead!!
  2. I can't recommend you returning bags you wore after 3 months because you don't like them anymore:nogood:
    I hope you'd consider a different option, like selling them or something.
    Stuff like this is absorbed by NM or Chanel. . . prices keep going up . . it's really not ethical IMO:shrugs:

  3. What Swanky said.

  4. If they weren't used with their tags still attached, I'd say that it'd be fine to return, but I don't think they'd take bags back after a certain amount of time if it's not in resellable condition. I think the Chanel boutique only allows returns after 14 days when it's in new condition. The only exception that was allowed for me was a defect in the bag after usage for less than a month at the Chanel boutique. Otherwise, I don't think the boutique will take it back.
  5. Ditto Swanky. Plus, if the purple is one of the 07 flaps you could probably sell it for enough to offset any loss on the gst.
  6. Do you know what the return policy is for (unused/tags still on) Chanel bags bought at Neiman Marcus?
  7. 100% ditto Swanky.

    kuk, I think their return policy is 30-60 days if I'm not mistaken.
  8. NM is pretty generous in my experience w/ returns of items w/ tags attached or w/ a receipt. I've never been turned away after 30/60 days.
  9. SHAME ON YOU!!! you have worn your bags already. Geez. :s
  10. :tdown: no, shame on you for wearing them and then thinking about returning them. I guess I just don't get how people can justify returning something they have used. First the shoes that gave the girl blisters (ewwww?) and now wearing a purse (or 2) for 3 months then deciding they really aren't working for them. I don't want to be the shmuck that ends up with those nasty shoes or a used purse I've paid $2000 for.
  11. Excuse me! But what are you talking about?:confused1: and do get your FACT STRAIGHT before accusing someone of something.
  12. Try calling your local Chanel boutique and Neiman Marcus. Make sure that you have the receipts and the proper shipping address. I know Saks has a separate warehouse for designer bags. I wore my Pocket in the City a few times before returning it. It took a few wears to understand that the straps weren't functional for me and I ended up swapping it for another Chanel bag even more expensive. These bags are gorgeous but pricey. If it's not right for you, perhaps it will end up with another owner who loves it. Good luck.
  13. kiwi, what are you talking about?
  14. :wtf:

    seriously. . . people think it's okay to buy something, take it home, use it as much as they want and then take it back, get all their money back and expect someone else wants it for full price?:push:
    This IS part of what drives prices up . . . .
  15. Really, 30 to 60 days to return an item? :wtf: Over here, in Europe, we have to return an item within 7 days or 14 days if you're lucky.

    If there's anything wrong with the quality of the bag, then it would be a whole different story.

    But why in the world should you keep a bag for 30 to 60 days to decide if you like it or not? Aren't you able to make up your mind anytime sooner? :shrugs: If I don't instantly like a new bag or if I'm not sure that it will suit me, then back it goes to the store without a doubt.

    With me, if it's not love at first sight with me and my bag, then we have no future together, period.

    And to the OP: are you seriously considering returning your bags after 3 months? I'm assuming that they are used and that you took the tags off, since you said that you have worn them a couple of times.

    In my book I would call those bags used or second hand and now you are worried about the SA's giving you a hard time? Well honey, I would be very disappointed if they didn't gave you a hard time about this.