How difficult is it to find/how rare is the Breloque Charms in Palladium?

  1. Do must boutiques have this? Thank you!
  2. has them usually. I think they are sold out now but I see them a lot on the site. I believe they are either under the "Women" or "Surprise" top nav and in the left nav it says "Charms". I think I'm remembering correctly.

    I got one recently but my SA had to find it and finally did so at the Honolulu H. I don't think they are abunant at the boutiques.

    Good luck!!
  3. Does anyone own or seen a gold one?

    I really want to get a gold one. I already have the PH and the RH, but I would love a gold. These chain are just so cute and useful.
  4. Oooops misspelling ... I meant "abundant" ... I wish the edit feature lasted a little longer for us perfectionists!! :p
  5. LTC - -I have never seen them in GH. Would love someone to chime in and correct me or state if they have in fact seen GH.

    Recently I have seen quite a few of them in stock in multiples lying about as if they just restocked, perhaps for the holidays season, mainly in PH.

    BTW Kallie, I quite agree about the editing, I hate to look back on all my mispellings and see that it is too late for me to fix them.

  6. I have never seen them in gold.
  7. These are great pieces, IMO because you can also use them as a strap extender making your Kelly more of a messenger. KWIM?
  8. LTC, you can definately get them in Gold.
    I have one on its way to me.
    It did take a while to track it down, but its also the same price as the other metals.
  9. I bought one from the store a long time ago in PH. They only got 4 in at that time, all PH. I was lucky, the SA showed me what had just come in.
    OHHH congrats Raz, gold! yummy!!
  10. cjj, I love those charms! Everything I could afford on seems to be selling out rapidly for the holidays. Keep on checking the website. Or eBay if you don't mind paying a higher price than retail.
  11. What is retail for this? It is cute.
  12. I just got one at my boutique. Call around they are available.
    If anyone sees a gold one, please let me know in addition to LTC.
  13. Hermes in Palm Beach had a few- That is where my SA had mine shipped from. Your SA can locate one for you.:heart:
  14. IT comes in Ruthenium?
    Am I reading that correctly?
    <------Mr. Z needs a necklace.