How difficult is it to find a Red Jumbo Caviar?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am a new member of the lovely Chanel club. I purchased my first 2 Chanel bags this week: a black medium/large classic with silver hardware and a black cerf tote. It's delightful to join this group!

    I am interested in getting a Red Jumbo Caviar. Are they hard to find? What is the current price? I may want to try to do some eBay selling to grab it before another price increase.

    Any insight would be wonderful!

    And photos of my lovely bags will be forthcoming. I am visiting my family for Christmas and forgot my camera. But I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!
  2. Hi and welcome to Chanel!! :smile: Ohhh, your new purchases are amazing (I have and love the medium classic flap, and the Cerf tote is so chic!) ... can't wait to see pics! :heart: As for the red Jumbo, unfortunately, it has been sold out for quite some time and is virtually impossible to locate :sad:... I say virtually because the only chance you may have is eBay, but even then, they don't show up too often (the last one that did was a lambskin Jumbo and I believe it sold for $3800ish)!! :sweatdrop: :nuts: The retail on the red Jumbo is $2250 by the way. :yes: The good news is that Chanel is releasing a red reissue (supposedly a dark red metallic reissue) for spring, so you may want to check that out! ;)
  3. Well to the Chanel Forum..
    Minal is right- that red jumbo is hard to come by...
    Good luck on finding one..
  4. Oh this thread makes me so sad. :crybaby:

    I am constantly looking for my HG red jumbo, preferably in lamb, but I would've taken a caviar. ALMOST had one. :sad:

    Good luck Baglover21, and welcome to the Chanel club! Your purchases so far are gorgeous!
  5. oh no!!!! is it possible for me to find the medium/large size in red?
  6. It's about impossible. I should know. :*(

    It's sold out. Only hope now is eBay if you're willing to take the chance.
  7. all reds are next to impossible to score unfortunately, no matter the size.
    The Chanel Shopping Forum is full of
    "please help me find a red _________" threads.
  8. It does show up from time to time on Ebay but when they do they go for $3800!
  9. wow!!! i had no idea. well, i'm still high off the euphoria of getting my first 2. i keep lovingly touching them. it's awesome to know that i will have them until i'm 87. fantastic. ;)
  10. the colors of 08 S/S flaps sound good too! Have you start looking in to that? There's an orange-ish coral one out already, some metallic purple, green is set to come out soon. :flowers:
  11. Yes.....i've been observing the ebay almost everytime/day.....the recent one was sold for that amt as mentioned here for a red jumbo size.

    Anyway, i don't think it's that easier to find one even if you are, are you able to splurge so much on ebay when the bidding can go higher than this, since it's so rare and hard to find or near impossible to get one. Besides, there are so many pfers having been lookin for one but still no luck:sad: