How did your LV spend New Years Eve?

  1. Since mine sat at home in it's dustbag... It wants to hear all about what everyone else's did.
  2. I took only my damier porte cards, and my mom took her trocadero to Dick Clark's rockin eve private party in times square =) unfortunately the rest of my family dosen't wear LV lol :p
  3. I was tobogganing so mine stayed home in their dustbags and boxes while "kick-around Coach" came out.
  4. Lol, my Brentwood went with me to get food from Pick Up Stix and to Starbucks last night, then sat around while I watched the celebrations on tv.
  5. I took my denim neo speedy with me to work... then both of us came home and watched the celebration on TV...=)
  6. all of my LV stayed home! i put all of my basics in a small clutch and took that out. i didn't want to worry about anything getting spilled on later in the night. i really could have taken a bag w/ me though because after dinner w/ friends we decided to head home because we ate SO MUCH! food coma! anyway, we came home, got into comfy pjs, and watch TV in bed. we fell asleep before midnight, LOL! :smile:
  7. mine was at work then trollied home with me and laid on my bed, drunk; while i watched, shamelessly.
  8. My zippy coin purse went w/me to the store. It was just a short outing to buy ruffles chips and sour cream to make green onion dip. Then I sat down to watch Rudolphs Shiny New Year w/my 4 yr old and after that I watched the ball drop on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve and since my husband was at work, I gave my little one a :kiss: at midnight!
  9. I and my LVs stayed home.
  10. My cles, vernis wallet and trunks & baggage pouch cam out to a party but were safely tucked into a Hayden Harnett shoulder bag. My LV bags were safe at home in their closet. Not taking a chance on bringing them out to a party with a lot of kids eating and running around.....
  11. my azur speedy and i went to a house party.
  12. Azur speedy 30 was right next to the me the whole night while I was sick in bed....blegh
  13. My montsouris backpack and a few accessories went with me to work and then off to my sister and brother in-laws with all the kids to play Wii. Came home around 11pm and watched the ball drop with my DH, a little smoochy smoochy and then off to bed. I have made a resolution for the new year to use my LE bags more and not be so nervous about messing them up. Happy New Year!!
  14. :yes:me too!
  15. Me & Limelight went to the casino where I won £90 (profit)