How did you ultimately decide which leather you wanted?

  1. I searched but I didn't see this exact thread so I am sorry if it has been discussed.

    I keep going back and forth (it's for a classic flap) mainly between the lambskin and caviar. Briefly considered the patent, but I ultimately decided it wasn't for me. How did you decide?
  2. In the quilted, I prefer Lambskin myself! just like the way it looks and feels :love:
  3. What are you going to be using the bag for? Work? Decide which leather will hold up for the way you plan to use it.
  4. Caviar. I'm too scared of using lambskin. Plus, caviar will look new longer.
  5. I have both and prefer the caviar only because it doesnt scratch. The lambskin scratches easily and there is no way to get it out! But the lambskin is much softer...

    My SA told me I need to just be ok with scratches...:shrugs: but I'm not!
  6. I love soft leather and I love a squishy bag. If I can get lamb, I go with that.
  7. I prefer caviar because I'm anal about my bags, and lambskin, though gorgeous, is more fragile. I still have a few lambskin bags, but caviar and calfskin far outnumber my lambskin bags. If you plan to use it everyday, caviar is a good choice, and if it's an evening type bag, lamb is so soft and beautiful! Good luck! :smile:

  8. Me too! :heart:
  9. Durability...I try to take care of my bags, but I don't always do a good I went with caviar...
  10. i chose the type of leather based on my type of lifestyle-- i need something thats not too delicate, something i dont need to constantly care for a lot! hence i usually end up picking leathers which are fairly low maintenence.
  11. depend..i love both caviar and lambskin..
    but i tend to love lambskin more because it's softer and i love the way it looks.:love:
    even though i have to be super careful on them;)
  12. Yep ITA, caviar just works for me too, I can't deal with lambskin.....
  13. me too..I like the way it looks and the texture too.
  14. I don't like the caviar so it was never really a question for me that I'll only buy the lamskin or calfskin in the reissue.
    I baby my bags anyway and don't use my medium claasic flap as an everyday bag so I guess it's alright to have a more delicate leather.
  15. caviar! lambskin, as beautiful and soft as it may be..doesn't seem to have a youthful appeal to it (no offense to the ladies here that rock it out)

    i also like the fact that caviar is durable and not as "formal" looking as lambskin.

    calfskin is another one of my favorites.