How did you space out your LV purchases this year?

  1. And did you buy more or less than planned?

    I'll go first. Hehe.

    Pomme Roxbury Drive - January 17

    Azur Speedy 25 - February 19

    Azur Mini Pochette - April 2

    Pomme Koala Wallet - May 23

    Brown Antigua Cabas MM - June 16

    Damier Cles - August 23

    Black Multicolore Cozy -August 30

    Long strap for Baggy PM -August 30

    Damier Porte Valeurs Organzier - September 15

    Mirage Bandeau - October 13

    Orange Perforated Cles - October 15

    Monogram Keepall 45 with strap - November 29

    Navy Eclat Tie for my Dad - December 24

    I bought more than expected but I don't think I bought too too much! :nuts: And I think I spaced everything out pretty well. :wlae:

    I still haven't used my Pomme Roxbury Drive, Damier Porte Valeurs Organizer, or Mirage Bandeau yet! I plan on using my Keepall 45 for the first time as an overnight bag on New Years Eve! :nuts:

    How about you guys? :graucho:
  2. You can see my collection below, plus add to that my damier azur accessories pochette and blue denim shawl that I got for Christmas (debating on the shawl...I saw in on Ashley Tisdale, and thought how cute! Now wondering how much I will use it.....) What to do?.

    The sad thing is my Tivoli GM was my first LV purchase, and that was in late November.:shame:

    I guess I got hooked and went a little overboard, but I am in LOVE!!:love::love:
  3. Wow, I'm trying to remember but I think I got my Trouville in February (after a long business trip in Ft. Lauderdale I had a day to shop in Boca, yahoo!). And I got my mono zippy wallet a bit prior to that...I think?

    After that I stopped. I may have got my BH after that but I don't remember! 2006 was a big LV year for me. 2007...I slowed it down a bit and now am just enjoying my collection!
  4. mine were every other month starting from may.

    may: mc speedy
    july: black denim neo cabby mm
    september: mirage speedy noir
    november: motard pochette

    it went pretty well enough for me not to get in trouble lol.

    however, looking at the s/s info. it might be like 4 bags in 2 months lol
  5. I purchased a lot more than "planned"... Let's just say I joined tPF early this year...
  6. If I remember correctly, mine were:

    July: White MC Audra, Neverfull MM, White MC Speedy and Black MC Speedy
    November: Black Cabby MM

    As you can see, July was a very expensive month for me and my LV addiction started once I joined tPF :graucho:
  7. i didn't buy much LV this yr at all...think i only bought my mono zippy coin purse. next year i'm planning a trip to europe, so it'll be a different story with all the goodies i plan on bringing back!
  8. I've been really good. Not bought anything from LV boutique since February. Amazingly only one purchase for the whole year! Apart from the Bulga and another bag... and a croc lipstick case and wallet.

    But have plans for next year (08) ..... A Suhali Lockit GM black in August if I make around $50 000 from my business from March till July. I can't think of anything else that I want. I guess the Lockit can also serve as my future baby bag and carry-on lugguage. The rest of the money I will donate to my dad and pay of my mortage.
  9. Same didnt buy much this year but my first LV piece which was the Mono Zippy coin purse but def planning for a huge LV extravaganza in 2008!
  10. I only buy (or receive) LV on days i'd get my birthday, christmas and mother's day :smile: maybe valentine's day too :smile:
  11. Abbesses (June)
    Speedy 40 (June)
    Poche Toilette 26 (September)
    Cabas Mezzo (October)
    Poche Clefs (November)
    Aurelia GM (November)
    Manhattan GM (November)
    Pochette GM (November)
    Neverfull GM (December)
    Speedy 30 Damier Ebony (December)
    Porte Tresor International (December)
    Azur Poche Clefs (December)
    Mono 6 Key Holder (December)

    I had a lot of fun for the last half of this year! :smile:
  12. every 4-6 weeks or so sometimes a little longer but around there
  13. Most definitely bought more than I ever dreamed! I also purchased accessories but can't remember the exact months. I don't think this shopping trend will repeat itself next year :nuts: I'm planning on waiting 'til May for my first bag of 2008. :smile:

    Pink Vernis Biscayne Bay PM -January

    Damier Azur Speedy 25- Feb

    Ivory Jasmin-March

    Beverly MM- May

    Red Epi Bucket PM- June

    Black Le Talentueux-July
    Damier Ribera MM
    MC Pochette Accessoires
    Denim Pleaty

    Black denim Neo Cabby- August
    Blue denim Speedy

    White L'Ingenieux- Sept

    Green denim Speedy- October
    Nimbus PM

    Rouge Mini Lin Marina PM- November

    Blue Mini Lin Speedy- December (not an actual purchase since it was a gift)
  14. Every 2 month :sad: I think :sad: