How did you pay? (Or plan on paying)

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  1. Got this idea from another PS forum ^_^ Feel free the include the clinic and surgeries done, but not required!

    My first two surgeries were double eyelid and nose, I paid 4mil won in cash.
    I carried 2k and my mom carried the other 2k when we went oversea.

    I'm going again for big surgeries next year so this thread will also help me and others with ideas on other ways to bring their money :smile:
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  3. For my first procedures of double eyelid and rhinoplasty, I paid using cash--5 million won. For my upcoming surgeries of eyes/nose/facial contouring I'm using a credit card. I'm looking into applying for a balance transfer card with a long 0% APR promotion. There's one with 21 months at 0%.
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  4. Me too I just bring Korean Won, can't be troubled with the credit card declined or whatever. It will be too stressful!
  5. Most credit cards will impose a foreign transaction fee, usually 3%, you'll need to make sure your credit card waives it if you want to avoid it. Another way to avoid it is to ask the clinic to post the charge in USD or whatever your native currency is.
  6. No matter what currency is charged, most companies charge the 3% just for swiping overseas.

    My next surgeries will be either 20k or two trips of 10k, it's definitely scary carrying that much cash so I have to think about the risk vs paying 3%.
  7. Given that amount, I'd open a credit card which has no foreign transaction fees, even if there's an annual fee for the card, it'd be worth it in your case, you may want to cancel later though to avoid the fee every year. Another benefit of paying with a credit card is there's a chance you could dispute the charge later if there's problems. I haven't heard of any cases of that though with Asian PS.
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  8. This is quite true. I would definitely look into cards that waive the foreign transaction fee. All Capital One cards waive and I believe Amex now doesn't charge a fee either. And before you guy, you should definitely call your credit card company to tell them you're traveling overseas so you're not denied for suspicious activity.
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  9. mmm.. I know there's people who travel with the money on their person but I could never imagine doing something like that, I don't trust myself enough to hold wads of magical paying paper with me.
    The thought of losing all my money somehow some way I'd scream and blow my own ears out.
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  10. Yeap! My thoughts exactly :biggrin: