How did you obtain your Birkin?

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  1. My internet-illiterate mother has expressed a mild interest in getting a Birkin. I've heard about how hard they are to get, about the nightmarish waitlists and all, but it seems that some of you just walked into a Hermes boutique and bought. So any tips? Care to share your stories?
  2. you usually have to go into a Hermes and ask them to put you on the waiting list for a specific birkin you are interested in... they cant say how long, but they would tell u the time frame is 1 yr (also depending on which one u want, 40cm & JPG will take longer, and rarer colors also)

    good luck to you
  3. btw, mine just came after mths of waiting, but didnt expect it to come so soon... still contemplating, coz i overspent on bbags since i thought it will be 2007 till i get mine... :confused1:
  4. That's what happened to me. And of course I have been buying other things and so they seem to be more willing to call me whenever a new birkin comes in that they think I might like.
  5. my DH had never been in an H boutique in his life . . . he had never bought anything from any H store. He just walked in one day and walked out with a Birkin . . . he said he had to butter up some SA's (make them laugh) and stuff but in the end got what he wanted.
  6. The easiest way, i got mine in Paris straightaway, they always have one in store at least there. But of course, you must love the colour and leather of it :P. If there is nothing you fancy instore, you can also order in Paris and the waiting list is 6 mths there (2 years in London where I live), they then DHL it to you when it's ready, and exclude the tax if you reside outside the EU. They have closed their order books till Feb 07 thou.
  7. Today I walked in to the Sydney store and had a polite look-around. I asked if they had any Birkins on display, as my boss' wife had just walked in there a few weeks before and bought one "off the rack". The SA simply told me, no, they don't have any right now.

    After strolling around the shop looking at other beautiful items, I asked how the waiting list worked. The SA gave me a blank look and told me that the waiting lists are closed because they "have run out of craftsmen to make them". I felt like I was being told a lie, and then I felt insecure as if I'd worn the wrong thing or my hair/makeup wasn't up to scratch, ie deemed "unworthy" of owning a Birkin!! Was what she telling me the truth, ie "all waiting lists are closed", or is that just their way of saying "we don't serve your kind here" ?

    OH, I just read the post above by jasanna -- I see that the order books are closed till Feb 07.... at least the SA could have told me that!! (end of rant)
  8. I may have to plan a quick trip over to Paris in Feb if they're easier to obtain there (I'm in London too!) Though really any excuse to visit Paris I'll take!! :smile:

    I find it both frustrating and exciting that Birkin's can be so hard to come does add to the exclusiveness of it that you have to go to more effort to get one and in a strange way in our instant-gratification society it's weirdly nice to know you have to actually wait for something!! Of course that waiting will be hard I'm sure!

    Though I'm curious can someone explain, if Birkin's are so hard to get why is it that there are some reputable ebay sellers who are able to sell a number online (not just a one-off that someone is getting rid of)? How are they able to get their hands on this stock?! :confused1:

    I'm going to go to Hermes on Bond St tomorrow and see what they say when I ask about Birkins! Might try Dover St Market too as I think the list here said there's a stockist there.
  9. I'd be interested in hearing what they say at that store as well. I'd be interested in hearing if it matches what they are saying in Sydney! :shrugs:

    Regarding those e-bay sellers with tons of (above retail value) stock, I think I read somewhere that they pay people to go and get the Birkins, and then they mark up the price and split the profits. There must be *teams* of people working at this, as those e-bay sellers have so many Birkins at the one time!!
  10. You know what jasperella, that SA you met in Sydney I must say is plain rude. Irregardless, they should treat all their customers well. I have met with a rude SA in Singapore before, and I was even carrying a kelly. It's definitely not a nice feeling, and I've stopped going to that particular boutique when I am there. But in France, I haven't had a rude one serve me before.
  11. I've also heard that some people make perfect fakes and sell them on eBay, and a lot of the time an SA might not even be able to tell until it's "opened up", so please stay away from all eBay sellers ladies! It might be people that steal the exact design from Hermes and then make it themselves, or used to work there never know. Safest is to always wait for one and get it straight from the store, well worth it and very satisfying! :wlae:
  12. :P I read on here that Hermes Chicago had my JPG <------as seen to the left and I made my cousing go in and buy her for me...she then sent her to me!! LOL...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I was SO excited! K~
  13. WOW CONGRATS! Is that the one you have in your profile pic now? I thought they had discontinued the JPG birkins. That's brilliant! :wlae:
  14. Thank you jasanna for telling me that...I thought it was just me being sensitive. You are right, it felt awful. I don't think I've ever been treated like that. It totally put me off going into the Hermes shop here ever again. Perhaps if I do venture in again, I'll be rude right back for once. :supacool:
  15. The Sydney store is my store - I find all the staff lovely...I am sorry you feel otherwise.........

    Just to let you know, they didn't have any Birkins in stock around Christmas.....there were a few just prior, but they went very fast, and weren't on the floor.

    You should pop in again, and try to get to know them, they really are the lovliest people!