How did you meet Balenciaga?


Practical Luxury
Oct 30, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I was just wondering how people were introduced to the brand?

Here's my Bal story:

I was 16 years old and I bought a bag from run-of-the-mill mall shoe store. I LOVED this bag but it fell apart quickly as it was pretty poor quality (and only cost about $40). I knew nothing about the style (that it was an imitation of a Balenciaga!); I simply loved it. I was sad when it had fallen apart too much to use anymore.

Fast forward to 2005 and I see a photo in a celeb magazine of someone carrying this exact same style in a different color (I think Nicole Richie?)... and the caption read: "So and So with a Balenciaga handbag". I had NEVER heard of this "Balenciaga" before but I was dying to get another bag like my crappy one that fell apart.

Internet research ensued and my first Bal was purchased at Barney's in San Francisco in 2006. (City in Light Olive).

Since then, I've gotten a Velo, Polly, and Box and we all lived happily ever after :smile:


Aug 25, 2011
Tucson, AZ
I saw it in the tabloids magazines and LOVED the look but was too cheap to buy one. I bought many purses to fill the void of getting one till one day I said screw it and finally bought one lmfao. Now I want moorrreeee (instead of satisfying me it made me crave more of it lol!


Feb 21, 2006
I was in college and saw a tabloid photo of one of the Olsen twins wearing it (the pistachio color). I fell in love. I saw the price tag and thought...there's no way. I guess when there's a will there's a way!


In My Bag Room
Jul 22, 2011
For me it was photos of Nicole Ritchie and Nicky Hilton in their Magenta city (I think it was Magenta) and Mary-Kate Olsen in her Pistachio. I thought it was a bag that wasn't loud and just very understated and had a cool edge to it.

I was working in an accessories store at the time and we just happen to sell bags. There was a bag that looked very similar, the front wasn't exactly the same, but I remember it having the same whip stitched handles and loved that damn bag. It was $50 and lasted me a while. Sometimes I wish I could go back to loving bags in that price range, but I and my bank account are unfortunately ruined now.

I started seeing the bags everywhere in magazines. Im pretty sure it was haunting me. Then in 2009, my BF said he would put in some money as a birthday present for me to get one. It was downhill from there. It also didn't help that I found this forum by accident while I was googling Bal bag images. My heart fluttered when someone did reveals of their new Bals. But back then all I could hope for was to one day do a reveal of my own.

So I partially blame you ladies for getting me into Bal.


Feb 21, 2011
I was searching on eBay for something (a scarf I think), the seller had loads of lovely things for sale but one item caught my eye a black weekender, I was amazed at the squishiness of the leather (old chevre), the way it draped etc. And had to find out more. I had only just bought a couple of mulberry handbags after decades of not being interested in bags but as soon as I saw the Dark Night City GSH in Harvey Nichols in Bristol in June 2011 I was hooked (sold the mulberrys).


New Bal Lover!!!
Mar 21, 2008
Chicago, IL
I was always a Coach-aholic up until 2009, a close friend of mine bought a pink imitation of Balenciaga city bag. The edgy/less structured/versatile style of the bag really got me and since then I started researching and found the brand. I made the first purchase in 2010 (new to me black sunday tote for a lovely tpfer). Now, I am a proud Balenciaga fan!


Oct 31, 2007
Last month I was at a girls night out event at a local consignment shop. I own many designer bags but never gave balenciaga a try. I instantly fell in love with a 2005 pewter day bag that was sitting on the shelf. Not to mention it was listed for a fantastic price with an additional 10% off due to the event. Since then, I've purchase 2 more balenciaga bags.


Jan 5, 2011
Ironically, the first time i fell in love with these bags was when i was in uni and got an imitated piece from Sportsgirl! this was back in 2004 or so and my fake bag was a rose colored city.
Only discovered later on that the original was from Balenciaga.

Fast forward to now, i've actually got myself an original '04 Rose City and i LOVE the leather.

it's been a quick spiral with Bal since.. but a great spiral and never ending :heart:story



Jul 26, 2012
Strawberry Fields
Celeb magazines. I've always lusted for one for YEARS until I finally caved while in Paris last summer. I figured, what better place to buy my first Bal than in Paris?! lol. 2 City and 1 First bag later and I still want more :happydance:


Sep 14, 2012
I bought my first one at a second hand shop, only because I liked it without knowing it was a known brand. I think it was about 5 years ago. And then a year later it was everywhere. <<<<<<<<<<sometimes one can get lucky:smile:


Truly Addicted
Dec 22, 2010
Too far from palm trees
A couple years ago, I was looking for a top handle...never really had one before. Saw a MoniMoni bag that Halle Barry was wearing and a Balenciaga that Nicole Richie was wearing. Really liked both but asked a friend to help me decide. We both said the Balenciaga (unknown to both of us) looked more chic and nice.

So, there is it...kind of boring but that was my intro to the addiction.


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
Hello! I'm new to the Bal forum. I discovered Balenciaga through seeing pictures of celebrities carrying them, but I really started to admire the brand when I started perusing tPF about three years ago. I just purchased my first Balenciaga this week, an Anthracite Courier, and I love it. I don't think it'll be my last piece - I already have my eye on two smaller goodies!


Sep 29, 2008
Where the heart is
Walking through Harvey Nichols and falling for an Eggplant First. I couldn't afford one (which made me want it more, of course) at the time - and it was that crazy 'It-bag' time when stores couldn't keep up with demand. I finally got a BG Twiggy and First the following year. Then a Rouge Vif First, then moved up to a Violet City, then a Day (just given this one to my sister) - now I love the Work, and have one in Tomato and one really is an addiction.