How did you manage to fork over the money for an Hermes? Convince me!


Apr 20, 2008
Beaches Galore
Hope the title doesn't sound too brash.

But I came back to the Hermes forum a couple of days ago and it re-ignited my love for the Lindy. It's all functional but looks quite modern and cute and stylish at the same time.

I have the funds for one but am knocking my head over to justify buying a $3 - 4,000 bag.

I also have on my shopping list 2 Balenciaga bags, bag charms, Tod's or Repetto loafers, Loubotin Shoes... My original list was 2 or 3 Bals, then a Chanel. All this I will purchase within 1 week in Europe. I definitely will take advantage of the tax rebate.

Am I nuts is a question lately.

So how did you ladies have the courage to finally fork over that amount for an Hermes (dream) bag?

I know everybody isn't born super rich. And most of us have to work hard for our bags.

Did you just sign the cc slip with eyes closed? I know everyone felt exhilarated after bringing the bag home. So i'd like to know the high afterwards.

I'm already all giddy with your Hermes stories.


leap of faith

addicted to the H
Aug 9, 2007
Hi I hope it doesnt sound too harsh because its not meant to be but if you need convincing about forking over the money then maybe its not for you.. I mean if the bag was singing to you you wouldnt really be hesitating in paying the money KWIM? But then again if your heart is set on it then maybe when the time comes you wont be thinking about the money. Just my opinion.


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
I agree with Leap of Faith. This is not the sort of thing you should need to be talked into.

Quinn's Mom

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Jan 29, 2007
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The only thing I can say is that the prices of the things on your list will add up to one Hermes bag, which is a timeless this.

Balenciaga, certain Chanels and shoes are trendy...

An Hermes bag is a lifetime (or two or three)...
Mar 10, 2006
Valley of the Sun
i get so excited i don't even look at the receipt while i'm signing it cuz i cannot take my eye's off the bag! :shame: if you don't feel that way, then perhaps it's not for you. some people won't spend more then say $25 on a haircut, no matter what. "it's jsut a haircut" they say, while others will pay any price for the right do'. it's such a personal thing, and neither is right or wrong, it's what will let you sleep soundly at night i guess! good luck! Get the bag that makes your heart sing, catches you daydreaming about it at work and makes you not even flinch when handing over the amex!


Oct 6, 2006
i just knew it was right...and it's stopped me from spending money on other IT bags...the only two bags i've bought in the last 2 years were both birkins. it's cured me of chasing after different brands/bags.

but amazingly once you spend that much $$ on a bag, it's so easy to do it again. mind-boggling!


May 17, 2008
a thing of beauty is a joy forever. If the bag is a work of art for you, go for it. Else, it will always seem to be too costly.


Apr 20, 2008
Beaches Galore
We don't have an Hermes store in our shores and maybe you all are right. Once you go into the store and start touching it and especially talking to a great SA you'll be hooked!

I was never interested in Hermes because of its handheld bags. I saw the Evelyn but it's open top. Then i saw the Lindy! Oh my goodness!!!! - although i wish one outer pocket has a zipper.... :graucho:

I was thinking in terms of depreciation. Like in cars. A Lindy will equal one year's depreciation, (assuming a car will last 5 years) more or less and that's my consolation. Plus bags don't need repairs (hopefully). So if my hubby can get his car, I can get my bag and hopefully I will still use them after 5 years.

Haha mindless babbling :roflmfao:


Sep 19, 2008
you won't regret the purchase. after i got my first lindy, i loved it so much i got my second one the following month. now i'm waiting to get a wallet, a kelly and perhaps another lindy in a bigger size for gym/travel. i also want a Gp after that. will take a few years i'm sure but so worth it. i've lost interest in other brands..dunno why :P

ps. need to add that like yourself the lindy was the bag that got me into hermes.


Apr 20, 2008
Beaches Galore
Thanks, loves,

BTW how much was your Lindy? I'm posting threads but can't seem to get a definite answer. I don;t want to go into the store then back out because I can't have the gust to pay for it.

If it is indeed around Eu 3,500 then that's fine. Hoping to get the tax rebate too.

was thinking i'm in Paris so might as well take the PLUNGE!!!!!

I really LOVE the bag. It's the price (as usual) that's eating at me.


Sep 19, 2008
it is the cheapest in paris.

my first one i got in tokyo. paid over SGD9000k+ which is very expensive. everything H in japan is expensive but i guess you can walk out of the ginza boutique with a birkin quite easily, or at least it seems to be quite easy because i saw lots of birkins for sale when i was there. perhaps i was lucky that day, not sure, not a frequent visitor of tokyo.

my second i got from paris and it was very much cheaper, 3200euro approx USD4100 approx SGD6200. it retails around SGD8k if i'm not wrong. i don't patronise the local shops since DH travels very often to paris.


Jun 4, 2006
If you are in Paris you are in the cheapest place for Hermes and you an go in GeorgeV to take a look and infos and than to Foubourg!!:yahoo:


Happy living
Mar 15, 2006
Once you find something you truly love, the price doesn't matter. I initially was intimidated when I started looking into Hermes, but I started with scarves and small leather goods and then getting a kelly was just the next purchase for me.

I also avoid looking at the receipt and just pay the credit card bill when it comes. Sometimes I also call it denial haha.