How Did You Ladies Handle this?

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  1. So, I did my switch over from a COACH enthusiast to an LV lover just the other week. I purchased a Damier Ebony Speedy 30. I love it, and I am already looking into purchasing a NF in either classic Mono or Damier... Anyway, since I got it I've been getting lots of compliments however it seems that the majority of the people I come across ask if it's authentic. followed by a somewhat odd reaction when I tell them that it's real.. :S.. Also, when I went to the LV store here in my City, I had a group of girls starring at me and my speedy as if it were fake. You know, the glares and what not... I despise it when people assume its faux... Especially since I spent a fortune on it.. :sad: How do you people reply to those who just dont believe??
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about those people who don't believe if it's real or not... as long as you know the truth it shouldn't matter...
  3. You don't have to convince them and care too much.... as long as you know its real and enjoy carrying your bags!
  4. I agree! it's not our problem anymore that they don't believe or even doubt if your bag is real or not. Don't be affected negatively by it, for they do not know what they are forgive! and stay happy!:smile::heart:
  5. ignore the haters. just enjoy the lovely bags you bought. :tup: i know what you mean though. i've gotten my fair share of glares, but i just keep moving along :smile:
  6. I agree with the others. Let the jealous believe whatever they want. Just enjoy your bag!
  7. I know its hard sometimes - you just want to shout "Yes its real" to people because you get fed up with the looks or comments but heh, you have to ignore them and just enjoy using your bags!
  8. I would just carry your bag with the confidence that you know its real. If they want to be immature and silly its their problem, not yours.

    Just remind yourself how fabulous you look and walk on! :yes:
  9. ^^^:yes:
  10. Seriously, I couldn't care less. There are more things to worry about than having to convince people the authenticity of your own bag. ;) Who cares what they think? I'm too busy enjoying my authentic bag to even care. :P
  11. Ignore them and dont worry about it. I would say for the most part the ones that are giving you funny looks are the ones that dont know LV and will be carrying a fake.
  12. You know its real and thats all that matters, HATERS!
  13. Oh,juuuust don't care :smile:
    Enjoy your bags and ignore them^^
    It's like love, you know? Haha :biggrin:
    When you love someone and another person doesn't like him you don't care - do you? ;)
  14. I don't respond to them because I don't care about them. It's my bag, I know it's authentic, that's all that matters. I really don't give the time of day to the naysayers.
  15. I agree with the previous posters. I think to be an LV enthusiast you have to welcome somesense of glares and stares. People will be jealous and you just have to learn to find your inner Victoria Beckham (or whichever celebrity you favor) and just know that the more they talk about you or stare, the more they are elevating you to Celebrity status. I wouldn't worry too much. Life is too short not to be fabulous.