How did you know you were pregnant?

  1. Other than the obvious positive pregnancy test, did you know before you tested positive?
    I've been obsessing with every little spot and or cramp, touching and looking at my boobs constantly... did you have any symptoms before you even tested positive?
    I wonder sometimes if I am just obsessing..
  2. the one sign I always KNEW i was pregnant was when my boobs got SUPER sensitive!!!!
  3. For me it was smells... Everytime I was really sensitive to smell of certain foods
  4. I always had to go to the bathroom constantly it seemed the second I was pregnant and I'd also have oddly vivid and strange dreams. I usually don't remember dreams, or if I do, they're usually pretty dull and they were all in bright vibrant colors whenever I ended up being pregnant.
  5. Extreme nausea and fatigue. I knew something was up when I was sleeping more than 12 hours a day and still tired.
  6. Fatigure, sore breasts, upset stomach.
  7. On my 1st pregnancy, I felt shooting pain on my right side (in between my waist and my thigh).. at first I thought it was because I was exercising too much at that time (I was doing the ab lounge exercise).. then my co-workers kept making comments and asking me if I was pregnant. I thought maybe I was gaining weight or looked too fat that's why I was getting those questions.. so after a few days, eversince I experience those shooting pains.. I asked them if I looked like I was pregnant. They said no. They told me that they experienced the pain I was experiencing when they were pregnant. So that kinda clicked to me that MAYBE I'm pregnant. The shooting pain I was feeling was from my SCIATIC NERVE. SO I did some research on the internet about it and then over the weekend, hubby and I bought a HPT and found out we're pregnant. ;)

    **I know, long story huh?! Sorry...:blush: I just can't forget those "firsts" experiences I had when I 1st got pregnant.
  8. I started suspecting i was pregnant when the smell of meat started making me ill. I love meat so i knew there was something funky going on :p
  9. i thought i was pregnant when i had sore boobs but nah it's pms lol and i was so disappointed. the "real" signs for me were being dizzy and implatation spotting. i ws rarely dizzy so a few dizzy spell were really bizarre for me and the implatation spotting i was suspecting for what it is but i couldn't 100% confirm till hpt positive :smile:. ps the sore boobs is still relevant but i couldn't differentiate it from pms :lol:
  10. My first sign with both pregnancies was that I would have faint cramping in the lower part of my abdomen. This would happen very early in the pregnancy, the first week or two. Then my breasts would become sore.
  11. Unexplainable, spontaneous nosebleeds. And really sore boobs (although I get that for my period too, but this was worse). But the nosebleed thing was what told me I was pregnant with my 2nd.

    I had never gotten many nosebleed in my life, but I had them constantly while I was pregnant with my 1st dd. It was weird - I'd be talking and all of a sudden, nosebleed (always on the left too). So one day, when dh and I were trying to get pregnant for #2, I was driving home from dropping dd off from school and I get a nosebleed. I went straight to the pharmacy and bought a test which turned + as soon as I took it!
  12. The day before my missed period (happened to be Black Friday), I was out shopping with DH and my family (who were in town for Thanksgiving). After 30 min of walking around, my vision started to feel blur and I was feeling dizzy. When we got back in the car to get home, I started feeling nauseous. I thought I was just tired (had lack of sleep) from the holiday. Had no idea I was pregnant until I took the HPT four days later.
  13. For me the first sign was dizziness. I had to grab onto walls for balance. I also was very exhausted all of the time... I actually thought I had a brain tumor or something... I didn't think I'd get pregnant so fast, so it was the last thing on my mind.

    It finally clicked when I realized I missed my period and my boobs were insanely sore.
  14. Horrible morning sickness...and couldn't stand the smell of my dh's aftershave which I normally love!
  15. with both kids i felt that my normal monthly discharge was different. and at around the 10th day after ovulation, i had the butterflies in the stomach feeling so instinctively knew that i was pregnant.