How did you know you were in Labour & tips to cope with it

  1. Hi!!

    Ok, so my first (at this rate only!) baby is due on Tuesday. But seeing as I've never experienced birth before, how do you know you're in the early stages of labour?
    What signs should I look for? What does a contraction feel like :wtf: & how will I know I'm having one? :confused1:

    What tips do you ladies have for coping with labour? Anything I should particularly avoid?
  2. I've never had children but since nobody's responded to this thread yet I figured I'd pipe in!!

    I can't tell you what a contraction feels like or anything, but I have heard that once you start going into labour (if you're at home or something) then having sex before you go to the hospital will help you dialate.

    I don't know who true that is....and I doubt you'll be anywhere close to being in the "mood" lol but that's just something I heard.

    Maybe someone else can back this up or discredit it?
  3. Do you think you're in labor!? :nuts:

    I started having contractions that got closer and closer together and stronger and strong before I had Julia. I felt little "pops" in my belly, which apparently was my water breaking.

    You'll know it when you have a me!! lol

    Mine felt like period cramps x 1000
  4. ^ I can't wait.. LOL.
  5. As for coping...All that really helped me was deep breathing and letting out noise. Don't pay too much attention to what you're doing, just let your body do what comes naturally to it and you'll be fine.
  6. I'll definitely keep that in mind. haha
  7. My midwife told me that the worst thing I could do is pay attention to what I'm doing since people usually tend to get tense and frustrated then if they are doing something "wrong" and against their plan. I dunno if you guys are planning on going all natural - but the 'let it go' method worked well for me :tup:
  8. It starts with twinges like period pains. Stupid me I expected abdominal cramps, but it started with pains in the lower back. Those pains get more intense and spread down your back, sort of around you and down into your abdomen.

    You'll know!!
  9. water never broke, I had minute traces of blood when I went to the bathroom and I ached all over...My ObGyn visit was the night before , I had an internal exam, and she nicked my cervix to get labor started...

    Contractions for me felt like cramps at first...they will build over time...but in the beginning you're just achy, crampy, and tired...I had a complete natural childbirth...

    You can sleep through the early stages of labor...

    When the pressure starts to build in your rectum, sit on an excercise ball...this was a lifesaver for me...if you don't have one..get one...

    Try and avoid going to the hospital until you absolutely feel you have to will be more comfortable at home...

    I brought a noise machine, some lavender scented pillows, a tennis balls and haircombs with me to the hospital.

    The noise machine (ocean waves) and lavender were soothing and let me get into a relaxed state...

    The hair combs I would squeeze when the contractions were really bad with the teeth facing down into my palms...this works...don't know whey , but it does.

    The tennis ball can be rubbed on your back for pressure or for you to squeeze during contractions.

    Check with your hospital if they have a birthing (exercise) ball...make sure you freeze a bunch of water to bring with you for ice chips...and bring your own pillows!!!

    Good Luck!!!
  10. Your contractions will feel like a tightening around your abdomen. The contractions will be regular and then get closer together and yes they will hurt. When the contractions started I felt uncomfortable and I just lay in bed on my side. I heard a 'pop' sound and down there I saw clear mucous with a little red swirled in. When my contractions were three minutes apart (on doctor's advice) I went to the hospital. The car journey to the hospital was short but I felt terrible. I could feel every bump on the road. I had a drug-free delivery (which isn't for everyone), but from the time my contractions started to me giving birth was about 6 to 8 hours.

    Best advice is to stay at home for as long as you can. Also, whilst I was in hospital to help me get through the contractions I would sing a silly tune to myself. That helped me. My DH said I made the most noise that night out of all the delivery rooms!
  11. Your belly will get hard, and the contractions will become closer together, so time them a bit. Most 1rst babies don't have false labor, but subsequent pregnancies can have months of it. You'll know!

    I've had 6, and each one was completely different!
    Breathing, concentrating on something (a focus point) and light circular motions on any pain, (back or belly) helps, also changing positions & getting up & moving helps speed labor along.

    Best of luck to you!
  12. 6! Woooo, congrats to you :biggrin:

    Bart wants a large family (he came from one with numerous adopted and foster children), but I don't think I'd be up for it!
  13. wow guys! thanks for your responses.

    Unfortunately I don't think I'm in labour yet. I just had a few aches & twinges & other not normal sensations so I just wanted some advice really.

    Yukky, but did anyone experience an abnormal amount of 'regular' discharge in the days leading up to labour? I got out of bed this morning & it was literally running down my legs like I peed myself :yucky:. At first I thought my waters had broken but I've had no show & its not happened since. that was about 3 & 1/2 hours ago.

    I'm not planning on 100% natural birth. But I am going to be in the room on my own. I don't want a 'birthing partner'. I am hoping to have a waterbirth but I won't know if the pool is available until I call the hospital at the time. I'm not having any pain relief except gas & air.

    Thanks for the relaxation tips! I will certainly be giving them a go!:biggrin:
  14. I'm not really sure about this. I'm not a medic, so may be you should get some medical advice. In both of my pregnancies I didn't experience anything running down my leg nor copious amounts of discharge, in fact in both of my pregnancies my doctor broke my water in the hospital.
  15. Trust me you will know!

    I was 4 days over due and every night over my due date i kept having bad pains in my abdomen (sort of like really bad period pains) and i kept going and telling my mum, "mum i THINK i'm in labour" she just kept saying to me "go back to bed sweetie" and every morning i was fine!?
    Then on the fourth night i woke up and was having the same pains BUT 100 TIMES WORSE!! i ran into my mum and said "mum i'm IN labour!" and the rest is history!

    As for relaxation teqniques nothing beats deep breathing