How did you get your first Hermes Kelly / Birkin bag?

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  1. I acquired my first Hermes Kelly through buying a used one from a friend of mine. :smile:

    It was a 32 cm Kelly, Black, Box, Gold hardware. I still have the bag and have bought a few more since. :heart:
  2. I got my first Kelly from ebay through a reputable seller in Germany and the second from an auction in New Zealand and the third which is still yet to arrive from a reseller in Hong Kong.
  3. Dh
  4. Fashionvic - I love your Kelly Ostrich
  5. After my first one, my other one were also from reseller, all from Hong Kong. I am thinking about selling one of mine but still thinking if I would be okay parting from it. Have you ever sold any of your Birkin before?
  6. My DH bought one for me in FSH... :smile:
  7. H boutique
  8. bought it, with great support from DH, at hermès.
  9. I walked right into the Worth Ave store and bought it. I asked for what I wanted...the SA disappeared to the back...a mini conference took place between two SA's...and it was offered to me. I modeled it and purhcased quickly! It was easy.
  10. Privately through a seller from this forum. Best decision I ever made.
  11. ^^ same for me. Got a call from a friend to say that a bag was in H that i would like. I actually walked past and did a scan instead of going in initially as I knew I needed to think about it. Debated for a couple of hours then walked in and picked up my 35 Kelly off the shelf.

    Did the same for all my other bags too. All walk ins.
  12. Was it Birkin or Kelly that you bought? Have you been shopping at Hermes before you purchased the Kelly or Birkin? There is usually a waiting list and the Birkin and Kelly only offers to well known clients. Wow... no waiting... you did really well. :tup:
  13. H boutique in Vienna, fact there was a 40 in the case available for purchase, but it was too big, so I passed (even tough it was vert bronze:love:) since at 5'1" I can't pull it off, but the most lovely SA told about another Birkin, a 35that was on hold for someone. When that person didn't pick it up, it was MINE! The second was from ebay

    First Kelly, orange veau doblis from the store in SF
  14. I purchased mine in Tokyo Ginza Hermes boutique on my recent trip to Japan, it was overprice (around 11K+ for Birkin Gold Togo 35 with Gold Hardware) but it was available right there on the store, along with few more birkins on the display.