How did you get the EXPENSIVE BAG MENTALITY?

  1. I was thinking today about my expensive handbags as I was carrying one of my other bags that costs $40 (supercute leather weave bag). I was thinking about how I bought the bag last year, and now only a year later, I'm buying bags over $1000. Then I started the hell did I get here!! When did I begin to think it was OK/acceptable to spend THAT MUCH on a bag??!! When I really sit down and think about it, my heart races. For the price of one of my designer bags (LV), I could have purchased 46 different $40 bags! It's just absurd. In the end, I don't know exactly how I got here. I guess I just succumbed to the fact that if I want designer bags, I have to spend ridiculous money......even if it's not worth it.
    How about you guys??? When did the mental transformation begin for you??
  2. Joining this forum and being exposed to people who already felt normal about dropping big bucks for a bag had a lot to do with it. :amuse:
  3. totally understand what you mean!

    This forum helped a lot! Sometimes I still have heart attacks thinking about what is now "acceptable" to spend for a bag. BUT at least I'm not into Hermes (yet!)
  4. Mse,

    If I were to think about it,:sad: I would break out in hives. Usually after an expensive purchase I have horrible sleep for the first week. The guilt sets in. I think if I get a lot of use out of the handbags I try to justify the purchase. I try to stay within a limit and so far have failed MISERABLY!:amazed:
  5. I blame my mother. Each time I buy a new bag, I tell her it's all her fault.:biggrin: She bought me my first "nice" handbag and it's been downhill ever since! lol
  6. You have to admit though, how many $40 handbags have that high quality, exquisite style that makes you hyperventilate?! For me, it all started at the age of 40, when I bought my FIRST highend designer bag....a LV Speedy 30.....I don't remember anything after that!
  7. This forum! But I've always loved expensive things,(almost all of them beyond my reach) but clothing,shoes, and accessories are my real passion! You should have seen me an interview yesterday for a "high-level" government class at my highschool when they asked "What are your hobbies?" Um, bags?
  8. after my boyfriend's sister-in-law started sniffing my hype brown leather bag and asked, "Is this real leather?" oh add to that, "Well this is my LV. and with the whole set, I just paid $1500.00 for everything" and after that, my addiction has not ended yet.. (I checked, the bag she bought was only $650.00 so I am pretty sure that my bags are more expensive than any of the other bags she was bragging about)... gosh, I sound so mean.. hehe.
  9. I blame my mom too!!! LOL
    She always had expensive taste! ;)
  10. I blame this girl I knew at boarding school. She had LV everything right down to the trunks and I remember thinking how lovely it all was. With my very first paycheck I bought an LV wallet that allowed me to fit my passport and it was all downhill(!!!) ;) from there!!
  11. I keep thinking the same thing! How did I get here? But I always loved expensive things and joining this forum just made it worse (good for me...bad for my banking account). I don't have tons of designer bags...just 4 pieces for now...but the addiction kicked in and it's just a matter of time till I buy my next SUPER-expensive bag. I do justify my purchases though...I plan on using my Chanel and LVs for many, many, MANY years!
  12. For me it was a slow process, at first I thought Coach was way expensive, then I worked my way up. It is the same with houses, the first one I bought seemed soooo expensive but by today's standards was super cheap!
  13. I don't spend tremendous amounts not yet anyhow
    ie bcuz my husband would have a heart attack

    but i think sometimes for myself i want to spoil myself with something of quality that i know is going to stand up

    so i justify spendingn for the quality
    and knowing that i'm really indulging myself in soemthing that i want
  14. I got there by wanting an LV tote, and they weren't cheap. Now I'm saving up for my second, but it'll be nearly $400 less. After that, I doubt I'll buy another really expensive bag. I may like many of them, but selling luxury lines made me see it from the other side. IOW, most of them just aren't worth it.
  15. That's a really good question...

    I had Coach and Kate Spade bags in highschool and in my first year of college. Then I immediately jumped to Chanel... the first expensive bag I bought was a Chanel tote that was $1000+. I'm not sure how I made the leap from a couple hundred bucks to a thousand, but I can't blame the forum for this one!