How did you get soo into Chanel??

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  1. I'm just wondering.. How did you guys got sooo into Chanel? Any influences? Where and when did it all started??
  2. i'm just starting to get into chanel. i used to be a mj girl. it all started because my name is cici, so i thought wow cool... the logo is like my name. a few months ago, my mom bought the ultimate soft and i couldn't stop drooling over it. now i'm just learning as much as i can about the brand and all the different bags. i'm planning on taking the plunge as soon as i figure out which bag i want to be my first!
  3. THIS FORUM!!! :nuts:
  4. ^ditto. I have only been a member for 2 months and I can't seem to remember life before TPF. :nuts:
  5. TPics of the reissue started it with me and I was lucky enough to find one beginning of this year and then I bought the medium claasic flap in black but that's it for me. Even though I really like other Chanel styles as well I don't love them enough to buy them but I still enjoy coming here and looking at all the wonderful bags you girls have.
  6. Since I was a little girl reading my mothers vouge I saw Chanel classic flap and I would say to myself 'when I am older I will be able to afford one of those' and finally I have. Celebs such as Mischa Barton have also influenced me, but the biggest influence has been TPF since I joined a few months ago I have bought 4 Chanels!
  7. Same think I didn't own a single Chanel when I joined...:wtf:
  8. this forum! i have one chanel bag but most of my bags are lv or gucci.
  9. All it took was ONE bag and I was hooked. It just seemed more "special" than other bags.
  10. The O.C.!!!!!

    I'm kinda kidding, kinda not. I'm way past the age whence it would be cool to be into that show - but I loved seeing Chanels on Mischa Barton, just to observe how the different stylees wore.

    But it was when I bought my first reissue (black with silver hardware) that did it. Now, I want more styles than I can keep up with.
  11. Chanel sale!lol!

    i actually didnt plan to buy a bag that day, but NM was having a sale, so i took a look at Chanel booth, and get my first baby!lol!and since then, i couldnt move onto another..
    well, i cheat a little, but chanel is my #1 love!LOL!!
  12. Actually, I’m an LV Lover before I got soo into Chanel! It happened that I always watch The O.C. at that time when I fell in love with Mischa’s Chanel Handbags!!! That’s how I got sooo into Chanel!!
  13. was an LV girl, there was some nastiness one day on that sub-forum, took a break and wandered here, and the rest is history!
    i love chanel, but i'm also quite fond of the absolutely lovely ladies here too!:heart:
    now, i still love my friends in LV and visit daily, but i think it works better for me to diversify--both my handbag collection and my time on tpf!:yes:
  14. Since I was a little girl, I always liked the look of Chanel. I wasn't too into it until I started working at Neiman Marcus. I saw all the beautiful bags all the time and became hooked. I think I pay Neimans to work there. LOL.
  15. SO glad you came Mick!!

    I didn't really have an epiphany so much. . .
    I joined and bought 2 designer bags - I won't mention brands so as not to start WW III. But I wasn't sold on those 2 brand s and for the $ I spent I was bummed about it.
    I sold one and somehow wandered into the Chanel boutique at my favorite NM, having never been interested in Chanel before.
    Bought my first and have never looked back! :biggrin: