How did you get into expensive shoes? How to take care?

  1. Although I don't mind spending on clothes and bags... have never had the heart to spend over 200 on shoes. It just seems like it would be so hard to take care of... and wouldn't last very long after walking in weird weather conditions.

    How did you get into expensive shoes? Are they really that much better than shoes from say, Nine West? How do you take care of them? Do they last for years (as I would expect for these prices...)? Do you hardly walk but get from car to car? Do you take them to a shoe cobbler after a season?

    By the way, I'm loving these and seriously considering getting a pair:
  2. My first pair of "nice" shoes is MBMJ.. it was on sale at Nordstrom Rack and my boyfriend got it for me. It was $80 and before that I never spend more than 50 on shoes... They were sooo comfy so I fell in love with MBMJ.

    Then I start buying really nice shoes like Jimmy Choo, Manolo and SF. And one day at the Neiman sale, I got a pair of Louboutin for $175, it was miss priced, suppose to be 375. I fall into the Louboutin hole after that....
    I should stop buying expensive shoes but with my pronated feet, I shouldn't even wear them... =(

    BTW, Your boots looks lovely!! They are very comfy compare to Nine west.. But I would still wait for it to go on sale..
  3. This *just* happened for me about a week ago! I have been in the $80 to $120 price range until now, Franco Sarto, Enzo Angiolini, Nine West, Irregular Choice.

    I have oggled the Prada degrade shoes for seasons and seasons, the banana heel just makes me swooooooon, but damn $550!! I would see them in a magazine and clench my fist and say "Damn you Prada" - my husband laughs at this. I was in Saks last Friday just walking through passed the sale shoe racks and lo and behold!! The coveted Prada was there!!!! $354!!! .... and ironically looked terrible, terrible on me : (

    I slipped on a pair of bronze Manolos (the first instance of a Manolo touching my foot) and was in heaven. The cut, the material, unbelievable! I left and couldn't stop thinking about them, I called the SA and asked her to hold them, and went back and fell in love with another Manolo, and another. I wore the bronze pair to dinner and just love them. On Monday I wore a pair of my Franco Sartos to a business lunch and my feet were sweating and it was gross.

    There is such a difference between the cheaper shoes and the more expensive ones. Granted, I am a total novice! This was just my experience!

    The CL boots you posted are heavenly, but I love how you went from $200 to $1400 : )

    I wish you well,

  4. I have always told myself shoes gets worn out easy no point in spending much $, one day I found a pair of coach slides on sale for $120 after tax and it was the best fit I ever had so I wore that pair in the summer till its death and it ended up in the garbage (because I was never a believer of shoe cobblers) and I thought $120 only for a month plus is not a good investment and stayed off designer shoes for a while. By chance, a friend referred me to a great cobbler and showed the magic he did on her shoes.

    SO that's when the addiction really started. I went to Vegas and came home with 4 pairs of designer shoes ( gucci red pointed toe pumps/ fendi gold sandals/ 2pairs of diors) and I was hooked on ever since. I dont really stick to one brand but more of sticking the superior quality and feel of the shoes. Of course what really raised the ceiling for me was the pink croc manolos. That is and will be the most expensive shoes I ever bought for good. It is more expensive than any of my purses but I love it to death.

    So welcome to ths dangerous addiction. Oh by the way, I always spray a layer of leather guard on my shoes before I wear them and take them to the cobbler as needed.
  5. I actually migrated -- back when I was still riding an injury made me move from plain old Ariats to custom-made boots. After that my everyday shoes didn't quite cut it.

    Shoes are like everything else, you have to be a conscious consumer. Sometimes you really do get more if you buy a more expensive pair, other times you're just buying a brand. The trick is to do your research and make an informed decision -- but any good pair of shoes should stand up to regular wear.
  6. I am willing to spend money on shoes that I love. Really, it's just as simple as that for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy sales as much as the next person and if I can get my CLs on sale, even better! I really am not too hard on my shoes, I have a really light step so that also makes it easy for me to spend money on shoes.
  7. I use to spend no than $100 on a pair of shoes. I went to NM one day and I tried on a pair of CL's. I was like WOW!! I got a pair and then went on to Manolos and I love their fit. Now I say to myself that I would rather save for an expensive shoe, instead of getting three pairs of cheap shoes that will kill my feet. I haven't done the cobbler thing yet, but I will when it comes to it. My shoes are still in good condition because I mainly wear them to work.

    I love those boots....they are hot! Wait for them to go on sale though.
  8. I got into expensive shoes by accident. I had time to kill so I went window shopping at the Marina district in San Francisco. There was a shoe store that I considered to be too "old lady" for my taste, but I went in anyway. It was there that I saw a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti jewelled sandals that were pretty. I did not even try them on because at that time I never would have considered buying high end shoes. Eventually I went to Saks because I had a hook up that had a double discount going and when I tried them on, it was like bling for your feet. The way it reflected light was a sight to behold. Being that they were at a discount I got them. I then moved on to Christian Dior, Gucci and Jimmy Choo, however as of last year I am a devoted Louboutin woman.

    As far as taking care of them, I do not do anything special. I have enough to keep in rotation, I try to be careful where I walk and I have a light step so all of my shoes are in good condition. I would only take them to get re-soled once they are completely worn down.
  9. Wow. Better think twice before trying on a pair... might turn into a pricey addiction. :p

    So there's a good chance the boots might go on sale? Any guesses as to when? That's great to know!
  10. There's a chance the boots will go on sale at the end of the season. Probably even during the after Christmas sale. If not at that time then when the stores need to clear out all the winter things for the spring.
  11. I've always loved expensive shoes even in high school! Yes there definitely a difference between expensive and cheaper priced shoes.

    When I lived in a more balmy climate and drove everywhere my shoes never got messed up or dirty but now that my commute as well as my location has changed I do take more precautions.

    I have shoes that are very old but in mint condition. The best thing you can do to preserve shoes is to rotate them.
  12. I started buying expensive shoes when I fell in love with Louis Vuitton and Prada shoes, but I still bought all shoes in all different price ranges. Most recently, I've been fixated on Christian Louboutin's. Now I've become a little bit of a shoe snob and haven't bought inexpensive shoes for months now. help me...
  13. OMG I love the Bourge Zeppa boots. I was posting about them a few weeks ago. I was begging someone to buy them because I don't really wear boots that much. :biggrin: Anyway, I was introduced to expensive shoes by my mother. I would always try on her Prada and Manolo shoes. I live in CL heels, they are (usually) very comfortable and look so classy. 5 inch CL heels manage to look classy, not slutty. That is amazing to me LOL. They are wonderful quality, I only take them to a cobbler to get them stretched or get rubber soles for the bottoms. Since I'm in LA I usually don't have to worry about the weather ruining my shoes, however when it rains I just try to change into my heels when I'm inside the place I'm going. (I carry a pair of Lanvin or Tory Burch flats with me everywhere)
  14. Be careful, or you won't ever go back to lower priced shoes! I wear mainly Jimmy Choo and Bottega shoes up to a 3&1/2 inch heel; my feet never hurt in them, I never get blisters and as a previous post mentioned, my feet don't sweat in these shoes! You'll get really spoiled in better shoes and won't be able to go back to 9 west!
  15. I bought my first pair of Louboutins and it started. I'd now rather have one pair of Louboutins than ten pair of Nine West. I can't explain it, but I just love them.

    I don't do anything special to take care of them. I usually only wear my nice heels to work though. I'll wear them to the car, park, and then walk to an office usually no more than three blocks or so and sit down. Then when I come home I take them off.