How did you get into Coach?

Apr 12, 2006
No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane
I'm just curious, and I apologize if a similar thread already exists, but what made all of you fellow Coach lovers get into Coach?

For me it was when my mom gave me my first Coach bag as a senior in high school/ At that time they wer still doing the all-leather bags and so that is what she gave me. I loved the buttery softness of the leather and the smell! It was so luxe and that bag is still in great shape and that was ten years ago. So I would love to hear your stories about what started you on the path to loving and appreciating Coach!


Coach Addict
Jan 20, 2008
My sister in law! I could kill her now!! Before I used to never spend more than $20 on a bag. I saw her purses and asked her about them. She has cost me a lot of money! LOL But i am happy she did!


Apr 5, 2007
It may be ironic but... a FAKE got me into Coach.

My aunt bought me a fake of a pink Coach Demi pouch like .... 3 years ago (wow not that long ago :s) and I thought I was so cool with my Goach... YUCK. But I really liked the style of the bag so I looked at Coaches online and eventually found tPF :heart: I read all the bad stuff about fakes and threw mine away promptly... then I finally visited a Coach outlet for the first time that next summer where my parents got me a small leather wristlet. And just like that... I was hooked. My collection started growing, and Coach became an ADDICTION. Never looked back since. :smile:


Sep 26, 2007
Central Texas
I saw a girl in like middle school (who I'm guessing was sporting her mom's hand me down but probably not as I knew the bag was in the stores at dillard's. It was the drawstring ones. It was like $200. I was 12 and though OMG that is SOOOOOOOOOOO much money lol) who had one and I've loved them ever since. I bought my first one on eBay for my 25th birthday!


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Jun 6, 2007
N. Texas
I advanced from Dooney to Coach at about 1990. I have no regrets. I actually have ventured to other designers LV, Prada, Fendi, Marc Jacobs. I have purchased one of each and sold them all. I love Coach.


Nov 21, 2006
In 8th grade two of my friends used to go on and on about how they wanted a coach bag and always thought to myself "WHAT THE HECK IS COACH!?". Then one day I was reading one of their blogs and they had a pic of a sig. demi pouch and it was love at first sight!
Jan 2, 2008
I got into COACH by browsing Macy's one day (about 2 years ago) and have always loved the style of COACH bags, but never had enough guts to convince myself to by a bag for that much $... finally I did it one day, and have been stuck on COACH ever since because now I know that they are worth the money! :P


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Jan 1, 2008
Downriver Detroit, MI
one of my best friends got me hooked. she is a fellow TPF'er, SpoilMeRotten. She got an 06 Patchwork tote for christmas a couple years ago and brought it to work...

I really appreciated the quality of the bag and really like how they arent as expensive as the other designers out there...

but yeah, i blame her!! LOL!!


LV=My Bliss
Dec 28, 2007
Chesapeake Bay country
I started buying Coach sooooo many years ago, when they only offered leather bags. I loved the feel, smell and classic look of the wonderful Coach leather. At that time, Coach was such a different bag from the others that the stores sold. They really stood out for their look and feel of quality. I bought quite a few at that time, they are now on the website under classic favorites, used them continuously, and they look as good today as they did then. A real testimonial to the enduring quality of Coach leather!