How did you first fall in love with tokidoki?

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    i thought this would make an interesting topic of discussion! (i hope it wasn't discussed already! i am kinda new to the forum lol) how did you first fall in love with tokidoki and tokidoki for lesportsac? personally, i discovered tokidoki this past summer when i was desparately looking for a new old purse (from danier leather, very nice, but too old and small) just wasn't functional for me anymore, so i ventured to the mall with my mom (yes, i'm 21, but i still shop with the mother from time to time lol). after spending HOURS at the mall and finding nothing, we went into stoneridge, a shoe store, and wayyyyy up on the top shelf, i thought i saw a monkey with an eyepatch on a purse...i asked the storelady to bring it down, and there is was...a pirata gioco...i have NEVER seen anything like this beautiful purse before and i knew i had to have it! whatever the cost! it was love at first sight. my heart was literally beating so hard i could hear it! i immediately bought the purse and spent hours just starring at the print when i got home...i still notice new images in the print that i never noticed before
    and so began my tokidoki i'm just curious if anyone else has any tokidoki "love at first sight" type stories?
  2. This is a great topic! I discovered tokidoki last winter through a magazine my sister showed me. It was advertising shops at Ala Moana Mall. The LeSportsac ad featured the Paradiso girl and I thought it was the coolest/cutest thing ever. A few weeks later, I was shopping for a school bag at Ala Moana and came upon LeSportsac which had some cute tokidokis on display. I nearly died when I found out the price, but I vowed to get one someday and thus began the obsession. That someday was 7 months later, and my lamore stellina fed the fire instead of quenching it.
    My sister says she sometimes regrets showing me the magazine. I regret not cutting out the ad that started it and taping it in my drawing notebook.
  3. Oh man, I love this topic!

    For me, I'm a high school student. Last year, there was this girl I knew named Becki and she carried a Citta Rosa Luna everyday. Me and my friend always walked out of this one building and always ended up behind her. And every single day I saw her, I saw her with that bag, and I always commented on it. Every day I would say, "OMG that bag is sooooo cute!!!>.<" And my friend would just be like, "How many times have you said that this year?! @__@" And after that, I later looked it up and burst into tears over how effing expensive they were, but later decided that I wanted ONE bag..... and ahhaaaaa... now I have 4. lol AND I STILL WANT MORE!!!! My parents hate this obsession....
  4. I first fell in love with Simone Legno's stuff long long long before Lesportsac collaboration happened! It all started with a friend forwarding me an online game application which I believe can be found on his main website back then the site was an artistic mess with no structure, parts of it had Flash and others didn't, it took me days to find my navigation bearings. I see now he has cleared it up a whole lot!
  5. When I first saw shirts from before summer of 2006. That summer, I went to the SD Comic Con and there was a tokidoki booth and Ivan was there, but no Simone. I ended up buying a bunch of buttons because I didn't have much cash on me. I regret not going to this year's Comic Con because Simone was there. =(
  6. i started my love affair with tokidoki while on myspace. An old friend had a tokidoki layout on her profile with all the toki girls. I thought her page was so cool. So I went on eBay and looked up "tokidoki" and saw all the bags! i was amazed...

    Sadly, I wasn't educated on tokidoki that my first tokidoki was a fake citta rosa wanna be mm. I did my research and stumbled upon TOKIDOKIBLOG (thanks Steph!) and TPF to get schooled on how to avoid fakes and about the different styles. I knew we had LS here in Hawaii, but the prices were :wtf:.

    I was so happy to find out the our LS outlet still had some I officially bought my first tokidoki, My OP BELLA BELLA, :love:on July 2 (on sale)!

    So 32 bags/accessories later....I still :heart: toki!
  7. riversnleaves, I still go shopping with my mom and I'll be 20 soon :smile:

    I fell in love with Toki back when the OP came out. My mom and I saw them on a shelf in our Macy's, but I couldn't get one due to the price. We figured that they would go on sale soon the way the L.A.M.B. bags did, but they didn't. Then I saw a Foresta bella in Nordstroms and loved it, but couldn't get it at that time. I finally got my first one in January, a Pirata zucca, and that just started the obsession. I love how its so bright and colorful, and it goes with much of my wardrobe.
  8. I first saw the OP print in an online advertisement someplace on the internet about 2 years ago. I purchased an OP Ciao Ciao as soon as the collection was available online and have been buying/trading/selling ever since.
  9. ahh~~ this topic! It only reminds me of how I -had- the chance to find something out right at the beginning, only to ignore it and fall in love with it later =P
    one of my best friends went to Hawaii the year the OP was released and she bought a MM, when she came back, she showed it to me and I thought it was cute, but nothing all that special...furthermore, I bought her vinyls that Christmas too AND looked on evilbay at the toki prices only to be in awe O_O after seeing the prices, I didnt even bother clicking on any of the auctions to look at how the pictures.
    Then...I was looking for a cute duffle bag to go traveling on google and stumbled upon a L'amore gioco (dunno how!) and I've been hooked since then o.o;;; I guess I missed out since the OP didn't click with me (and still doesn't ^^; ) but man...did I miss out on a bunch of super cute prints!
  10. yay! i'm glad people are finding this topic interesting :tup: and i'm glad that i'm not the only one that still shops with my mom! lol! i'm loving everyone's stories, it seems like it's always love at first sight (but how can anyone NOT fall in love with all the adorable characters?) i know when i first saw the price tag i was mortified, but i knew i had to have it right then and there! but the more bags i get, the less concerned i am about spending $200 bucks per purse...i see it less as simply buying a purse and more of buying a piece of useful artwork for my collection :heart:
  11. I couldn't take my eyes (or keep my wallet) away from it when I saw the purses at MetroPark when it was first released....
  12. i feel in love with tokidoki earlier this year on a holiday to hong kong. i saw a billboard with the pirata print on a gioco. the cute colours and characters were too cute to ignore. im so anxious about buying one cos newer, cuter prints keep coming out, and there are no lesportsacs in melbourne, australia!!!
  13. I just happened to check out and saw Inferno-fell for it immediately! Got a Gioco and then waited for a new print-got a Spiaggia BV...30 bags and a year or so later-here I am! Obsessed!
  14. i first spotted and fell in love with the OP print in May 06, at a stall in China that sold fake lesportsac bags. I had no idea what tokidoki was at the time, but i loved the tulips with the cute faces and the milk cows..and so i promised myself that if i ever saw an authentic purse with that print, that i would buy it...
    i later found real OP's when i went back to hong kong at the duty free shop. i bought a mamma mia and it is my fave bag EVER ;)
  15. When I attended the San Diego Comic-Con in 2006 I kept seeing all these girls with super cute allover print bags! I was completely obsessed! I had no idea what it was. Then I finally managed to get close enough to read the brand and saw it was LeSportsac. So I went to a mall there in San Diego, and the girl working at Nordstrom told me they're only sold in LA. I was like :push: She also told me they were called Tokidoki. So as soon as I got home, I looked it up on eBay and bought myself an OP bambinone! I had no idea there were fakes out there, so I wasn't careful, but I just happened to luck out and get a real one! Then this year, I went back to Comic-Con, met Simone and got my bag signed! Since then, I've bought an Adios Star portatelefono and a Vacanze dolce.
    More than anything, I want a Foresta (with the spikey turtle!) I recently missed out on a Foresta with my dream placement on eBay. :crybaby: But I'm still searching! :upsidedown: