How did you first discover Louboutin?


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Mar 12, 2008
Christina Aguilera...LOL :lol:

I think back in 2005, I read an interview where she talked about Louboutins and I started noticing them on her. I used to go into BNY just to sigh and pet the CLs on display. Finally during the summer 06 sale, I bought my first 3 pairs :P
Jul 14, 2008
i saw the helmuts on kirsten dunst and thought they were awesome years ago. i learned they were louboutins. i didn't get my first pair of CLs until last year, but i still haven't gotten helmuts yet!


Jul 27, 2008
i saw the helmuts on kirsten dunst and thought they were awesome years ago. i learned they were louboutins. i didn't get my first pair of CLs until last year, but i still haven't gotten helmuts yet!
OMG me too!!!! and when i got around to buying CLs, the helmuts were one of my 1st pairs!
Jan 25, 2008
i used to see the bruges on the olsen twins and really didn't know much about them. My first encounter was at Neiman Marcus in fashion island. I had seen the nude satin tamiflu on the sales rack and didn't purchase them at the time, the following time they were gone... I went ahead and purchased my "true loves' the MC glitters from NM online and ended up returning them (cinderella story)...I went back to NM Dec 07 and they had the tamiflu's!! they were my wedding shoes :smile:


May 18, 2007
years and years ago, I read an interview about how CL wanted to design dancer's shoes and i remember falling in love with his sketches... :love:

i didn't buy my first pair until years later...spring '07, i think...
Mar 5, 2008
Back in 2005 or 2006, I remember seeing a pair of green satin Louboutins; I think they were the Pigalle 120, but I'm not sure because the picture just showed the back. They were so gorgeous and sexy, but way too expensive for me back then (I was in my first couple years of college) so I never even thought about it. Then in early 2008 when I had my first decent-paying job, something reminded me of Louboutins. I started searching on ebay, doing sizing research, looking at NM and every day. I actually bought a pair of red-soled Oh Deer!, but quickly realized my mistake when I got them. The quality was horrible, they were super uncomfortable, and I just didn't feel right about them. I sent them back.

A few weeks later, I saw a pair of green satin Pigalle 100 on ebay! I instantly thought of the picture in the magazine I had seen a few years back. The price was low, so I decided to snipe. I won them for around $250, and I was so excited! I was also a little scared b/c I wasn't sure if they'd fit, and it was more than I'd ever spent on a pair of shoes. When I got the package, I tried them on and they fit perfectly! So began my obsession.


Aug 4, 2008
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Laureen, oh wow - you and the green satin pigalles were meant to be!

I got the shoe bug last summer and was browsing on Footcandyshoes, saw their Louboutin collection, and just fell in love! I ended up getting a couple pairs of manolos and jimmy choos first because they had lower prices on ebay but I've gotten rid of them all since then. Loubies, on the other hand: I feel like I've put a lot of thought into each pair I have, and even if I have to buy retail, they are totally worth it cuz I love them so much!
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Nov 10, 2006
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from the girls (mostly luxlover and lvpiggy) in the HL thread hehe

i was like "wow...CL and HL really do go great together :heart:"


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May 24, 2006
I think I read about them in a magazine somewhere, but I didn't fall in love with them until I saw a pair at Barneys and HAD to have them, so I bought them. I didn't become a really big fan, though, until I joined this subforum =)


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Feb 27, 2008
I was browing and saw the most perfect shoe I had ever seen. I was starting to get the marriage bug and knew DF and I would be getting married in the next year or two. I stalked the shoes for weeks, possibly months, until I realized only 2 sizes were left (one which was near my size), so I bit the bullet and ordered the most expensive thing I had ever bought (besides a house and car). I will now be wearing the Champus for my wedding in ~3 months :biggrin:


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Jun 18, 2007
Christina Aguilera...LOL :lol:
me too! i used to see her in my gossip mags all the time wearing bruges, in the early 2000's. sadly i could not afford them.

fast forward to 2007 or 2008 when outlets opened near me and i saw powder blue patent ernestas sitting on the rack. i thought they would be too small and didn't even bother trying them on. went back a week or two later and they were still there, i thought to myself i couldn't hurt to try them on. the box size ended up being marked wrong and they were my size! i got my first pair of CL's for under $200 bucks!


Nov 3, 2008
New York, NY
Great stories! Mine wasn't as exciting. I'd definitely heard of Louboutin and the "red soled shoes" from reading fashion mags, but hadn't seen one specific pair that I loved. Then when I was shopping at Saks I literally walked right into the display, and fell in love with pretty much every pair I saw. There's nothing like seeing them in person for the first time. :tender: