How did you find your pet?...Need your help!!!!

  1. I am thinking of getting a little puppy soon but don't know which breed to go with. How did you find your pets? Did you adopt them from a shelter or find them a different way (breeders, pet stores, etc.)? Did you know which breed you wanted before you started looking?

    I want a small or medium size dog, friendly, and good with kids (for the future...hopefully). I'd appreciate any info, pics, etc. I LOVE all dogs, so I have no idea how and where to look. I've never been to an animal shelter. How does the adoption process work?

    Also, what are some of the first steps when you get a puppy (vaccinations, etc.)? I had dogs all my life but I was still very young when we got our last one, so I don't really remember anything.

    Thank you very much for your help!!!!
  2. If you do "love all dogs," I would highly recommend going to a pet shelter: save a life and make a best friend! Plus, the SPCA will take care of all vaccinations for you.

    "Mutts" often have significantly fewer health problems than pure-bred dogs. Even dogs from reputable breeders can have problems... my ex got a black lab from a very well known family in California that breeds horses and black labs exclusively and the dog had so many issues we wondered why the breeders had such a good reputation.

    It doesn't take a special breed to be good with family and kids. In fact, many specific breeds are not at all good with children (i.e. Chows).

    I would highly, highly recommend adopting from an animal shelter. I'm surrounded by "dog snobs" and it drives me up the wall. All dogs are wonderful, no matter what breed. So if you're not particularly picky about making a statement or using your dog as a lifestyle accessory, why not save a life?

    Edited to add: Not that I'm saying anyone who buys a purebred animal is wrong... some people are more specific than others about what they want in an animal. I just wanted a furry creature I could smother with suffocating love, so I chose a cat from the SPCA. He does as well as any $1,000 purebred!
  3. I got my dog from someone on Craigslist and my cat from someone who posted on Muffin's Pet Connection-a local pet adoption board here in Brooklyn.
  4. This is my fur baby Sam's webpage:
    Sam's World

    Scroll down to the section titled "My Own Personal Angel, Belle" and read how Sam came into our lives.

    Shelter pet, shelter pet, shelter pet! You won't be sorry! :heart:
  5. We found an ad in the newspaper about our cat, and it was totally random, but we got her and we haven't regretted for a day.
  6. Your dog is so adorable!!
  7. ditto, ditto ditto!
    the best way to pick one is to take a few days and spend some time with a few. you will find yourself gravitating towards one more often (and maybe more than one!) But please take your time in choosing.

    p.s. as for vaccinations, the shelter should be able to give you all that info but take him to the vet anyway and try to keep the same one. word of mouth is always good for vet recommendations. he/she will be part of the family so you'll want to choose a vet just as carefully as you would a family doctor.
  8. Hey, thank you for your responses! As I stated above, I would definitely consider adopting for a shelter. I just need more info about how to go about it. I had dogs all my life and they were all mutts. But they have ALWAYS been sorrounded with love! And I would feel much better if I had a chance to save a dog's life.

    Again, thank you for your responses!
  9. Yes yes yes!! I agree with the other posters. Both the doxies in my avatar are from southern cal doxie rescue. Shelter or rescue! And perhaps not a puppy, maybe a teenager, so that he/she is already house trained and so on. My rescues are great dogs!!!
  10. I found mine at the local humane society and she is incredible. In the past, my family has gotten dogs from breeders, once from a local ad in the paper about a family giving their dog away because they were moving and once from an animal shelter. However, until I got my current dog, all of our dogs have been pure breds (shelties and german shepherds). I have loved all my dogs but I have to say that this one has the most personality and is so full of love. She is pure mutt. I cannot ever imagine getting a dog from anywhere but the shelter/humane society again. I went a few times to look and the first couple times, she wasn't even on my radar. In fact, I had gone back to get another dog but the dog was already adopted. Then I saw my girl and wanted to meet her so they took her out of her run and all she did for like 3 minutes was run back and forth in the hallway before coming over and introducing herself. She just wanted to be free and run and I knew then that I was supposed to let her do that. It has been two years and she still loves to run but she is so incredibly loyal and loving.

    On a sort of sad personal note, I got her when my dad was dying (though I didn't know at the time for sure that he was because he was misdiagnosed) and when his dog died suddenly, I moved my dog to be with him and she made an awful situation a little better. She made my dad laugh and at that time, he was not able to speak so it was just a real blessing to have her there. I am not a believer in fate or anything like that, but I can't imagine how my family would have gotten through the last two years without her. I once commented to a friend that she saved us and they told me that I saved her. This is going to sound corny but I just watched that movie Dreamer with my nieces and the line Dakota Fanning's character said about how Dreamer was going to save her dad's life because he spared her life totally resonated with me. Anyway, I think you just have to go with your gut. If youget a rescue/shelter dog, you won't regret it. They really can be amazing if you give them a lot of love.

    Sorry for the long and sad story but I hope you really consider getting a dog from a shelter or the like.
  11. Aw Chigirl, that is a sad story, thanks for sharing.
  12. To learn about pets, go to the american kennel club and read abour breeds. After you decide on a breed, you can use the humane society to find it or buy it from a breeder.

    When I got my puppy, I did just that with my bf. We looked at breeds, decided on one, and then went with a breeder. For my kitty, I looked on the humane society website.