How did you find your passion?

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  1. Hi, everyone!
    I'm writing this thread b/c I always get good ideas and inspiration from my fellow PF'ers.
    I was wondering, how did you find your passion in life, whether that be a hobby or your career?
    I was a teacher for 6 years and I'm not going back to teaching next year because I want to do something else, something new, but I don't know what.
    Any ideas/tips/suggestions on how to find your PASSION?
    Hugs to all! :heart:
  2. Cool thread!

    My passion is animals...I think that my parents and aunt instilled it into me as a very tiny dream is to retire early and volunteer full time at an animal shelter or start my own :smile:
  3. ^^ i agree. great thread!

    .. i'm a hair stylst/make-up artist, and i think it was just something that i loved doing when i was young. it made me happy .. and whether or not i was getting paid for it, i would still do the best job possible, because of the love and passion i have for it. i think that's huge in finding you passion. what do you love so much that you would do it for no money? .. what lets you truly be yourself and you feel like you're reaching your highest potential, on a personal level .. (that make sense?) :]
  4. Wow! You both have great responses! And it's funny, because I also love animals and doing makeup...strange how all of us PF'ers are so much alike!
    LuvXoLuis....I like the way you posed the question, "what do you love so much that you would do it for no money?"
    I'm going to spend some time pondering the answer to that one.
    Thanks for your inspiration, both of you!
  5. My passion are my animals and my writing. Although I haven't had time to really develop my writing, I'd love to turn out some novels one day. I've thought about childrens books and becoming a teacher as well. :smile: And as for animals, they're my best friends, my siblings, my family. I can't imagine a life without my babies!
  6. crystalina: so glad i helped ya! i'm sure u were an amazing teacher .. [ before i decided to follow my passion .. i took a year of college, and i was going towards teaching! .. i truly thought id end up being a teacher ] .. but then i decided to follow my passion .. and i'm sure you'll find yours and excel at it and then some ;]'s funny, because i'm soo into animals too! i'd so love to have a shelter as well. my dog is my life .. and if i could help other animals and show them the love that my dog gets, i'd be the most fulfilled person.

    we all have so much more in common, other than purses :]
  7. My passion is Music. I have been a singer all my life and I think after spending my whole high school experience on the road and doing shows and things like that, I have realized that I really wanted to take a break from doing it for someone else and really focus on doing something for myself. I love to sing and I love to write and maybe in the future I will decide to pursue it again. I'm only 19 so I have some time still to figure things out.

    I just enrolled in college for business, but I will be taking a side night course for Fashion Merchandising. I really want to explore the field of fashion buying and designing - and maybe after that phase in life is over I will take my business degree and work it into something that involves music. :smile:

  8. LOL I love makeup too! Even did a short stint at Sephora during college:P
  9. I don't think I have a passion...:shrugs:

    Can being a mom, be one?
  10. Lamiastella---Absolutely!!!
    In fact, I'm thinking maybe that's what my passion might be, although I don't have kids yet. My hubby and I are talking about having kids soon, so I hope I enjoy being a mommy as much as you do!
  11. My "passion" is communicating with people in any form or fashion, especially through writing and the media. I love current events and politics, and what do you know, I do public and media relations for a state agency :smile:

    I also have found a love for event planning, and hope to incorporate more of that into my professional career. It's something about organizing things and being under pressure while putting it all together and seeing the end result of all your hard work that really makes me feel like I've accomplished something. I work well under pressure ;)
  12. Awww yay!! Glad that I can have a passion too, lol.

    No, but really. I do adore children and would love to work with them, but sadly the situation that I'm facing here in Germany does not allow me to do that and to earn a decent living (ultimately I would love to be a kindergarten teacher) :heart: