How did you end up in your city?

  1. Just curious!

    I ended up in Chicago for no reason other than the fact that I love the architecture here (did art history in college) and literally packed up my cat one day and got on a plane. I grew up and went to college in California. Luckily, everything has fallen into place in Chicago, and I am not wandering the streets cold and lonely!

    I'd love to hear how you ladies ended up in the places you did!:heart:
  2. Well unfortunately for me I got stationed here by way of the military. I actually grew up and was raise in Georgia. I have nothing against Maryland I would just prefer to live in the south again because I'm not use to the weather, the traffic, and some of the unkindly people here :smile:
  3. Born and raised in Dallas...and still in the area. Actually thinking about moving to it there.
  4. I ended up where I am because I grew up here :smile:

    Possibly may be ending up in san Diego though becvause that is where my hsuband's family is.
  5. I grew up in California, all of my extended family is in the Sacramento area and we moved near Chico due to my dad's job. I landed in Oregon because my best friend's dad went to college at Oregon State and wanted her to go. He treated us to a trip up to Corvallis on Dad's Weekend - Bill Cosby did a show, we kicked Stanford's behinds, and I got to see everything the campus had to offer. I liked how I was treated well by everyone and how genuinely nice everyone was. I had a fantastic time and I ended up not sending in all my other college apps (which were going to places in California and then Boston U, of all places) just to send in my one to OSU. I was that sure!
    I kept my CA residency all thru, even when I joined the Guard, because I wasn't sure if I would end up moving back to California or not after I graduated. Once I met DH, though, that all was history. He grew up in Corvallis and wanted to move back after he got off active duty (was stationed in Germany). He's now enrolled at OSU and I'm done, and we have plans to stay. It's a great place to raise kids.
  6. I still live where I was born and raised.... Los Angeles
  7. I grew up in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas... my family and close friends are all here, so I moved back after attending Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.

    I like Chicago a lot too... my friends and I use to drive down there often when I was a student at UW... I considered moving there too. :smile:
  8. Born and raised in Miami, and don't think I'll ever leave.
  9. Born in California - Raised in California - Moved To Scotland for University - Met SO - Moved to Dubai for work.

  10. I was born and raised in Canada. Met hubby on the internet and moved to California. Now I live in South Bend, IN (just a short drive from Chicago) because I am going to grad school at Notre Dame. I doubt we'll be staying in the area....hope to get back out to California!
  11. I keep going west .... I was born in New York, and when I was a kid my dad got transferred to Detroit for work. I lived there until I was 28 and I decided that I just couldn't take the weather anymore and I was looking for better career opportunities (Detroit and its old boy network, ugh). I did my research and found that San Francisco was advertising mecca at the time and I moved out here. I've been here over 11 years and I don't ever see leaving California.
  12. I was born in Detroit, lived about an hour away from there until I was 19 moved to Ft. Myers met my fiance on the internet and moved to West Palm to live w/him.
  13. I love this city and I ended up moving here for school (at least that's the excuse that worked). However, I hope I'll relocate to the US or UK somewhere eventually.
  14. We moved to Vegas to retire. After a year, he got tired of retirement & we moved his business here so he could be in charge again. No state taxes in NV!
  15. Born in Kansas City. Raised in Kansas City. Still in Kansas City.

    I'd like to move somewhere else but I have no idea where. Someplace warmer would be nice.