How did you end-up in The Purse Forum?

  1. I found TPF when I was researching for the Louis Vuitton bags I wanted.
    I was choosing between the PH and the Damier Papillon 30.
    I first found Eluxury then Bergacci...
    I was about to order from Bergacci when I found fellow PFer SUNSHINE's
    thread in the net under Bergacci.:wtf:
    Sooooo glad I found it before I ordered from them!!!:nuts:
    I ended up visiting the forum everyday...
    at that time, I was clueless about forums so I didn't know I needed to be a member to participate.
    Finally learned my way around and got to know some of the members and knew I had to be part of this wonderful community!!!:yes:
    :yahoo: So here I am with 500 posts that took a long time to reach!:yahoo:
    And so happy to have found friends in all of you!!!:flowers:
  2. Ha! Great question. I was googling the Zippy Wallet to see if it had been launched in the Epi Leather yet, and found tPF. I read through a thread about the Zippy and people were posting how they just "got happy" every time they looked at their wallets... I felt a sudden urge to Join That Forum!!! The rest is addiction history. hehe
  3. I don't recall exactly what I was searching for, but I typed some designer bag related keyword into Google. This was one of the first sites that came up. I decided to lurk a little. A little lurking became a lot of lurking. I finally registered, because I wanted to join in the fun.
  4. I found it because of the Blog. I saw the post on the LV fringe bag & read some of the funny comments made by the members here. I was hooked & there has been no going back.
  5. Taco I noticed your smiley last night...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: so cute and funny!!!!
  6. Why is everybody enjoying my desperation so much :confused1:

    :lol: I am soooo going to look just like that.
  7. i don't remember... i think it was a marc by marc jacobs bag that i was looking for, and the purseblog came up when i searched. and then i got hooked on this forum.
  8. Taco, I think it's hilarious too! In an adorable kind of way, of course.

    I was searching for a new bag last spring. My usual brand was Coach, but they didn't have anything I liked, so I thought I'd branch out a little and see what else was out there. Through the magic of Google, I found tPF!
  9. I took a right at E-Bay.

    Seriously, I can't remember!
  10. i've always been crazy about balenciaga bags.
    and i was searching on any websites with balenciaga information. and i found this forum :smile:
    the moment i sign up and join the balenciaga forum, i was sooo touched by how nice the girls are there. they've been so helpful and reall sweet, not snobby at all :angel:
    since that moment, this forum is the first thing i open whenever i go online.
    i love you girls :heart:
  11. I was turned on to the Purse Forum by my sister-in-law (Wannahavitall)
  12. Fayden told me about it and how addicting it was but I never joined since I was on a serious purse ban :s so when I bought the groom wallet from her she told me to just join already and I did and now I'm addicted lol :yes:
  13. I was doing a huge (personal) research project on fake Pradas and ended up here. I found the information I was looking for, but didn't register at the time. I did send Vlad an email thanking him for the forum since I found the info here. After that I lurked a while then decided to register. It drove me nuts not being able to read profiles as a lurker and I'm hopelessly NOSEY! :yahoo:

    Now how my BAGS I've gotten since being around you enablers, I'm too embarrassed to admit.:shame:
  14. I was searching for Balenciaga, I spend WAY too much time here.
  15. googling bags and found the blog, then the forum
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