How did you do at Saks ECG?

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  1. Bonjour, fellow tPFers!:cutesy: I noticed how many here were excited about yesterday's EGC. I, of course felt the same way and hopped & skipped to Fifth Avenue to benefit from it. And my, my... These events really do attract customers, as getting that gift card was quite hectic. I had to run to gift card claim desk right on dot of closing time, as I got there much later than I planned to. And with the tired emlpoyees wanting to go home badly, they almost gave my $300 gift card to someone else!:wtf:

    Now, to the important matter... How did everyone do and what did you guys get from Saks yesterday? Did most of you get a classic bag as you said? Or did you end up getting something you just ran into by chance and fell in love at first sight? How happy are you with your purchases? Were there anything good besides your purchases the rest of us might be interested in?:graucho:
  2. can u please explain about ecg? ~ i've asked in other threads but no one has replied ~ :sad: ~ i shop a lot in the states ~ vx
  3. Oops! It seems I have a typo, as it's EGC. It's a promotion done by some department stores to attract more customers. They would issue gift cards when you make purchases. The rules vary but for Saks, it's usually, "Spend some, get some." They would give out gift cards in amount of dollars according to how much you spent during the promotion.

    Lately it has been like this for Saks...

    $250 to $499 -> $25 gift card
    $500 to $999 -> $50 gc
    $1000 to $1999 -> $100 gc
    $2000 to $2999 -> $300 gc
    $3000 or more -> $450 gc

    As luxury items like Chanel bags are super expensive and difficult to find on sale, many shoppers take EGC events as opportunities for at least some kind of saving. At least you can use the gift cards for something else you want later. Hope this helps. :smile:
  4. Well I went to Saks Fifth Avenue the day before the event to check the Chanel purses and what was in stock.

    Lo and behold there was my coveted Bubble Quilt Flap in olive for $2595. I longed to buy her but then pondered for that money I could possible get a classic jumbo flap and maybe that was the better purchase.... What do
    you ladies think? I already own 2 Medallion totes: 1 in burgundy caviar with SH and 1 in black patent with GH. I have a black caviar PST with GH and a brown Cambon Reporter. Plus my coveted small black Rock and Chain with SH. I also am lucky enough to own a small black patent vintage evening purse with a tassel that I love. I can post pix of the collection. I do not know what should be next. I was thinking a color.... but colors are hard to find. I love the Bubble flap but $2595 seemed over the top pricewise..... and I wonder what will be coming out in Spring????

    So I left empty handed. When prices get that high, I really can not be pressured to buy just to get the $300 gift card.
  5. I love Bubble Quilt Flap! While if I did not have a jumbo classic flap, I would choose the jumbo over the Bubble.
  6. Fauve, you were so much stronger than me! Now I think about it more and more, I wish I could have thought the way you did and not be victimized of "pressure of having to snatch a deal.":sad: I thought I really liked what I got, but then came home and then discovered some details I didn't about it! Arrrrghhhhh!!:hysteric:

    BTW, do you mean the smaller rounder shaped BQ flap in darker color? I thought of getting that too! I was kind of surprised how that and the other bubble quilt survived all this time, as so many here were looking for them. Saks had them for pretty long time, IMO. I thought they would have been sold out by now.
  7. thank you NanamiRyu ~ very kind of you to explain ~ :flowers:
  8. I got an LV bag the day before lol!:p
  9. I got a chanel necklace for $775 --> $50 gift card.
  10. I thought I read on the forum somewhere that "Chanel isn't eligible for EGC" ? So far from this thread, it sounds like whatever Chanel items you buy on EGC day allow you to get gift cards. So does this ineligibility refer to that you can't use the gift cards you got on EGC for future Chanel purchases??

    Can anyone clarify for me? TIA!
  11. Hmmm. I own both the bubble quilt and jumbo flap and both are just amazing bags:yes:, but I know the jumbo flap is the most classic bag ever, that you'll probably will get more use out of it.... but dont you love the yummy leather of the bubble quilt?? IMO is just amazing!!! Good Luck on your choice:yes:
  12. I got my early Valentines present & took advantage of the EGC event too.. (although I didn't know the EGC had an expiration date on the card! ) I'm Awaiting my first flap.. a Jumbo Caviar Flap w/ silver hardware..:graucho:
  13. U CAN use EGC to purchase CHANEL....

    I got a TODS bag yesterday.....i used a 450 GC and received another one for 100!
  14. Chanel purchases are definitely eligible for EGC.

    FYI, apparently A LOT of people take advantage of the Saks EGC events.

    They buy expensive items to get the gift cards, and then later return the items and keep the gift cards.

    Normally, the receipts are stamped so if you return the items the sales associate must ask for the card back, but sometimes they forget to ask for the cards back.

    In the near future the gift cards will be electronically tracked, so that if someone tries to return the bag and keep the card, you will only be refunded the amount for the bag LESS the amount of the gift card you received.