How did you discover tPF?

  1. So I thought it would be fun to start a thread to see how we all discovered or happened upon tPF!

    I happened upon tPF last year when I heard that Coach was coming out with a fragrance. Having no details, but being extremely excited because I did see a picture of the bottle in a magazine, My friend and I did a google search on 'Coach fragrance' and low and behold, it brought us right to TPF! I've been hooked ever since!!!
  2. I like EllaCoach did a google search for something related to Coach, but I do not remember what that was.
  3. I googled Lv i'm sure.. and it brought me to tpf, been here ever since.
  4. I bought a bag at the Outlet and I really wanted to know the same of it.
    So I searched google for maybe like a Coach fan site or something of the like and up came tPF.
    it's been LOVE ever since.
  5. I was googling Coach 2 years ago when I was shopping for my first Coach bag. I had a lot of questions so I lurked for some time on here. I learned SO MUCH. Then eventually I started posting and now I'm addicted!! :supacool:
  6. Bought a bag at the outlet and then Googled "Coach purse forums" as I knew there had to be at least one.
  7. Google! I was looking for a handbag I had seen on someone out and about and fell in love with last July and I saw tpf during my google search! :smile: I've been here at least 20 times a day since! HAHA!
  8. I goggled "Purse Forum" not even knowing that there was such as thing as The Purse Forum." I was just knew there must be a place where I could go to talk about bags.

  9. When I knew I was getting a new bag for x-mas and was doing research on what I wanted because I wanted something in black leather. I obsessed so much to DH that he suggested I find a forum and was sure that they had at least one. I can't beleive how extensive this site is, it is amazing and now I am hooked !
  10. JUST 20 times a day?!? Slacker! :wtf::amazed::lol::p
  11. I was actually looking for websites with engagement rings and it brought me here and pricescope... I gradually moved over to the Coach forum and I've been here ever since :p
  12. I was on the DIS message boards (for Disney vacation planning) and someone mentioned tPF in a post. I linked to these message boards and have been here ever since!

  13. I was researching for some LV information about 2 years ago and stumbled upon this site. I seem to be drawn to this site somehow? :p
  14. I really wanted to see if people showcased their purses so I think I googled that. I came across this forum and signed up. For a year I was just a lurker and was to shy to post, but not anymore. :p
  15. I was looking into buying an authentic gucci online and searched around. Well, I never bought a bag online, and I'm broke because my addiction started here!!!!!!! haha