How did you discover Purse forum?

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  1. I found out about this forum by doing a google search. It was like finding a gold mine :lol: The people here are so sweet. It's good because I'm learning about handbags. It's bad because my addiction got worse! :lol:

    How about you? How did you find out about this forum?
  2. I used to comment when it was just purseblog. I found it when I was looking for info on the Paris 50s saddle I had just purchased :biggrin:
  3. i found it on an google search! i had no idea it'd be this fun and the people would be so sweet though. :biggrin:
  4. There was a link on LJ that leads to the purseforum!
  5. Man, I feel so new here. I only have 36 thus far. Most of you ladies here have over 1,000 posts. So jealous. And Noriko, has over 3,000! I gotta catch up! :lol: I feel like a rookie.
  6. I was searching google to try and find out if a Dior saddle on ebay was authentic, so I came across the purse forum. So glad i did! BTW Noriko, I believe you were the first person to answer my post? (I think) Anyways thanks again for helping me not buy a fake! ;)
  7. I was searching info as I was buying my first designer bag (Chanel) and I just stumbled on here as a result of a google search :amuse:
  8. Google search and now I am addicted! The list of websites the sell fakes designer bags is a godsend!
  9. I was searching for some bags and came across this forum and I'm beyond hook now. For awhile, I had withdraws when I'm not on this forum. :lol:
  10. My first encounter with purseforum was very interesting. I somehow landed on the webiste of BERGACCI and was a little bit of suspecious, then I ran a google search and PurseForum was the first return result on the list. I absolutely abhor fakes and thanks to PF, I didn't have to deal with BERGACCI.
  11. I was looking around to see if I could find some info on LVs prior to buying my first LV, and stumbled on the purseblog first...which led me to this forum :amuse:
  12. i used to post at the fashion spot where megs is a moderator :smile:
  13. I was probably doing a google search for bags, I really don't remember. Glad I found this site. Everyone is so nice and helpful.
  14. Heheh, that is not our Megs, that's someone else...:smile:
  15. Google search. :o)