How did you decide that the LG Coach Carly is too big for you?

  1. I am on the fence about my coach large brown carly. I love it but sometimes I think it is too big for me. I am 5'9, weight about 160 pounds. I am not a small girl but I still feel like it is too big. I used it once as an overnight bag! I am thinking of getting the medium one. Has anyone returned or sold their large carly for the medium one? Does the medium fit well, does it have a nice slouch etc? Thanks
  2. Atfirst, I bought the Large, because I thought the medium was WAY to small looking for me.. I had the large for 1 day.. and I noticed that I did not have as much stuff as I thought I did when I stuffed the bag.. The bag was wayy to big and it just kinda hung over my arm and felt heavy for something that I didn't even put a lot of stuff in.
    I went to my nearby Macy's to check out the medium hobo.. and It didn't look so small after all.. so I decided to go ahead and take another exchange and get the medium.. after taking it home and filling it with the same amount of contents that I had in the large.. it was like.. PERFECT.. and I thought the strap would be short.. but since the Carly is known for it's slouch.. I had ZERO problems about the strap.. After all in all I think my decision to trade in the large for the medium was the best decision I could've made!

    ^^ Hope that helped!
  3. I decided the large was too big for me b/c I FINALLY dont need to carry a diaper bag anymore after SIX LONG YEARS of carrying a huge bag!!!!! I have now rewarded myself w/ several "medium" sized bags!!!! The large Carly is very pretty though!!!!
  4. I liked the large carly in chocolate only and bought it, really liked it a lot but it was big.. I really only carry a few things and even though itslouches nice it IS a big bag... no doubt about it.. I also theought the medium was really too small but finally gave it another try and after taking out the stuffing, putting my things in it it is perfect!!! It holds all my stuff plus has more room and is still light and easy to take with me. BTW I am 5'10" and about 160 too ;)
  5. I love the large!! I don't think the other sizes have as nice of a slouch. I'm 6'0" and would never carry a just seems too small for me. There have been countless posts regarding the medium vs. large's all a matter of preference!
  6. I just got back from the boutique to drool over all the new stuff. For the first time EVER, I tried on the Carly. I tried the medium and large in the angora color. Beautiful bags but the large is HUGE. I guess it depends on how much stuff you need to carry with you. I'm a medium bag girl myself but when I was in college...LARGE all the way!
  7. I have the medium Carly in brown and the large one in black and I love both of them. I got the large Carly for my San Francisco vacation and it was perfect because it holds everything including several magazines that I took on the plane. I use my brown Carly as an everyday bag but I plan on using my large black Carly more in the fall/winter.
  8. iv'e always thought the large looked way too big on most everyone that i saw it on...the medium seems perfect for most...
  9. I'm 4'9" and it's too big for me!!! You're a foot taller!!! I have a medium and it has a wonderful slouch.
  10. I took one look at the large carly at the boutique and thought it looked like a weekend bag.:shocked: I can't imagine carrying around that much on a daily basis. I'm swimming with my medium carly.
  11. I like my medium carly just fine. At work I see women all the time with large carly's and it makes me want to buy one but they are way too big for me (I'm about 5'5, 150). I really don't carry a lot of things, but I noticed when I carried a tote, I carried a lot more crap than I needed to...
  12. I am similar height and weight to you and I have the Lg. denim cotton carly and I love it. I think it is the perfect size for me and I don't feel overwhelmed by it either. I carry all my stuff in it perfectly.
  13. I'm 5'5, 135 and I think the Carly in large is the perfect size! Just don't fill it up and the slouch is HEAVENLY!
  14. The large Carly was a pain in my neck, literally - I'm used to a heavier bag that leaves my shoulder a little sore sometimes, but I got sharp pains in my neck with the large Carly and had to admit it was too big and too heavy for me. No problems with the medium one!