How did you decide on your Noe size?

  1. After seeing all the pics of Noe's I'm thinking I "need" one! :graucho: Now I can't decide on what size to get? The larger one has the canvas bottom, where the petit has the vachetta that right?

    Also, is this bag comfy to carry? Does it stick out too far from the body when it's on your shoulder?

    Thanks for your help/enabling! ;)
  2. Larger Noe is all vachetta bottom...

    I had the petit noe in Epi it was practical. Now I want a regular Noe and have been put on the wait list for both Azur and Dune...
  3. I picked my Noe by my body size. I am tall and the petit one just didn't look right on my frame.
  4. I'm not sure how the mono noes bottoms are. I have the epi petite noe and I chose the petite as I was worried that large one would look to big on me, I'm 5'4. I wouldn't say no to a large one in some hot epi color though :nuts:
  5. Petit noe was comfy because it was short and the straps are totally adjustable. Although they do say French women wear there bags closer to their body. Fits a ton of stuff including a thick magazine. I'm going to regular Noe because I want to be able to close the top this time with all my mags and stuff you tote when you fly.
  6. Oh and it's super comfortable to use and sits really well on the shoulder. It takes me a while to find things in it though :s
  7. I just bought a Petite Noe in December after seeing the cute picture of "Chloe in a Noe" that was in another part of the forum. I went to the store and looked at both the Petit and larger Noe side by side. And then I placed all of my stuff that I carry everyday into the Petit to see if it would all fit - which it did. I decided that the large Noe for me was too big - it seems more like a tote bag (you could use it for school or work), but I just wanted a purse for everyday use. So I bought the Petit.

    It takes a little time to get use to the Petit sticking out from your side when you have it on your shoulder. And tying the drawstrings at first were hard because the drawstrings were really stiff. But now that I've had the purse for a month, I'm use to it. I also thread the drawstrings through the opposite holes so that I can close it faster plus the drawstrings don't hang down as much (this threading through opposite holes was mentioned in another thread on this forum - do a search for Noes).

    I carry alot of accessory bags in my purse (wapity, 3 cosmetic type bags, keycase holder) so the only thing loose in my bag is my cell phone and some misc. papers that I put at the back of the bag behind my largest accessory bag. Here are pics of my Petit Noe in use:




  8. Heavens, Peace, I'm going to organize my noe the same way! Waay to go, grrl!
  9. pinkiwhatever99:

    Thanks!!! LOL (Plus, I feel guilty if I don't use all of my LV accessory bags.) I love LV!
  10. great way of using all ur accessories!!! they look so organized in your petit noe! :yahoo:

  11. luv my bags... Here something for comparison:

    Petit Noe is 10" tall + strap 8" = 18"

    Noe is 13" tall + strap 10" = 23"

    Might want to consider that it's approximately the length of a mini dress or those long sweaters everybody's wearing with leggings.

    I'm 5'2" (dh says 5'3" dunno) and don't feel daunted by the square bottom of the bag as it becomes an hour glass shape in the middle once you draw the tie strings together.

    Also for consideration ordering the vachetta slide so you don't have to tie the bag all the time.

    MO :shame:
  12. pinki--what is the vachetta slide? I have never heard of this? TIA!

    I am 5'4" and about 120lbs and I love the petit noe size. It holds tons and yet is not too large....
  13. Michelle, It's a 1.25" long square of vachetta that looks like a bowtie that one would insert the lace of the Noe in each side. Which you can knot the tips so one can just slide their drawstring bag closed. I think I saw one in Visual Aid also. I remember that they had to be requested not a couture SO, just a normal SO. I'm going to order one this time for my next Noe.;)
  14. Wow! I didn't know that you could order this "vachetta slide". I know that Dooney & Burke has this "slide" for all of their noe-style purses (I used to own one) and I was thinking that it would be nice to have the slide for the LV Petit Noe, but I didn't realise that you could order it!!! I don't remember seeing an example of the vachetta slide in the threads, but I'll look for it. If anyone has one, please post pics! Thx pinkiwhatever99 for mentioning the slide since again, I didn't realise that you could order one from LV.
  15. Thanks pinki--good to know bc I plan on getting a petit noe in mono and I'd like this easy open/close option!:yes: