How did you come up with your TPF member name? (stolen from Hermes board)

  1. I did a search on this question and did not see any thing in the Chanel forum. If it has been posted already, my apologies (mods you can lock the thread if it has!).

    I was just curious if your member names have a particular meaning?

    Mine is pretty straightforward. I am from Minnesota and a purse lover (thus - mnpurselover!).:p
  2. I just used my maiden name. I'm not terribly creative.
  3. My ID is my AIM screenname from high school. I love butterflies and I love the double "ii" combination - weird, I know. ;)
  4. "Emmy" is what my neice started calling me when she was just a baby...She couldn't say Aunt Mary Cate...somehow she came up with her viersion:EMMY...too cute! All the kids call me that...which I like:p
  5. seahorseinstripes because my fave animal is seahorse and teh combinaition of in stripes, i don't know how it gor there, it's just coming in my head years ago.
    and i don't know since when but i always used this as my id on my messenger id :p
  6. Bellabags - Beautiful bags and I have a puppy named Bella.
  7. That is so sweet:heart:
  8. Bellabags - Beautiful bags....I like that!

    Also - I always wondered what SeaHorseInStripes meant:p
  9. Well, whistler BC is my fave place in the whole world... it confuses peeps on the board b/c sometimes they assume I live there, which I don't. I live in the armpit that is S.Ont.

    And chic... I strive to be!
  10. I use MissyLovely all the time on everything online. First created wohoa like 10 years ago :rolleyes: when I was still young chatting on aol :shame:
  11. I thought of the sweet, childlike quality of the phrase "oo, let me see..." So naturally, it applied to looking at all tpfer's beautiful handbags. :balloon:
  12. my name is michelle, family and friends call me micki or mick....
    my old username is mick with the first two letters of my last name lo and then is me....but, i changed it bc mick is easier!
  13. I had the song "Im Miss World" stuck in my head and then I was thinking about the saying, "It's so & so's world; we're just living in it" and thus, I became "ItsMyWorld".
  14. LOVE that! :heart:

  15. LOL now u get ur answer :p