How did you and hubby/SO meet?

  1. We met at work-he was the manager at the place I worked at-hence, my boss. Now I am his boss:roflmfao:, just kidding.

    We will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on June 21st and in July, it will be 19 years that we are together.

    how about you?
  2. I was at a club {underage} and w/ a friend {who was/is certifiable:blink: ! LOL!}.
    I was ready to leave and she say a guy she went to college with. He was dorky IMO, but his frined about made me faint!:biggrin:
    I played like I didn't notice him and he started talking to me, asked for my number. . . :graucho:
    He's my DH now! LOL!
    He was so gorgeous to me, I thought I didn't stand a chance. . . who knew!?!:love:
  3. Met my Hub thru... dum dum DUM... the Internet(Cliche, I know but it happened to me). Hub mistook me for a guy when we chatted about Gaming stuff. :P
  4. My husbands boss hired me to protect his gold lol. I traveled with them as a hired gun LOL!! Can't actually believe it now, but that is how we met. A few months after he got to know me he scratched out a note that said I would be his wife one day. And so here I am celebrating 18 years in July.
  5. I met my boyfriend at work. I would occasionally flirt with him but I was with somebody else at the time. We hit it off at a party and broke up with my then boyfriend few weeks later. It's the best decision I'd ever made. We've been together for 3 years :biggrin:
  6. We met online @ a matchmaking site 7 years ago. He was searching for a tall chick...well, he found one. Fortunately for me he was persistant and an excellent salesman. :biggrin: (I deleted the first few emails he sent me thinking he was too short @ 5'10". :shame: )
  7. I met my husband when I won 4 tickets to a concert. I had one, my sister had one, we gave one to a friend of ours and he decided to ask my husband to go too. The funny thing was that they weren't even that good of friends. He couldn't find anyone else to go on such short notice, but my husband wasn't doing anything. That night I asked him if he could hold all my stuff while we were at the concert. I didn't really think much of him at that point. I remember saying in the car to my friend, " Where did you get this great tape?" he said, "Chris made it", I said to Chris, "Oh wow, maybe you could make me a tape like that one day, it's really great!"

    He was at my house at 8:30 the next morning with the completed tape!!!! I knew he was the one.
  8. I was sitting in my red convertable cabriolet back in 92'(thinking I was ALL that, btw) waiting for class outside of University. This guy(my DH) comes up to my car and asks me what I was doing that weekend as if I knew him all my life!!:lol: I liked him right away!:heart: Felt right from the start.
  9. I went to New Orleans for New Year's Eve with my best friend when I was 18. We had a place to stay, but went down with only $50, and a gas card. We never lacked for drinks...but were freaking starving by New Year's Day (our 5th day there), cause all we had eaten was muffins and chips from the Diamond Shamrock gas station. We were in Cat's Meow (bar), when my DH and a large group of his friends walked in. One of the guys had long blond hair, and my BF and I were mesmerized (we were big Skid Row fans at the time!!!), well, he ended up being obnoxious, but his friend (now my DH), made me tingle from the first words out of his mouth!! I told my BF that this was the guy that I would marry (she questioned how much I had been drinking!), and he cemented the fact when he took us to dinner at a steak restaurant!!! We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in a few months, and I feel sure it was fate....there were over a million people on Bourbon Street that night...and here we are still together!! Never listen to your parents when they say you'll never meet anyone in a bar!!!
  10. I took a girlfriend to the club for her 19th b-day and she pointed him out when he walked in the door. I commented that he looked alright--the night went on and after I had a few dances with other guys in the club, he asked could he dance with me, and we danced the night away on her birthday. That was 19 years ago this August 4 and been married 17 years.
  11. Hubby and I met in college in a Shakespeare class. He was an English major, and I was biology (and just taking the class as a fun elective). I was with someone else at the beginning of the semester, then we split up and a friend of mine from class kept telling me I needed to hook up with this guy in class. She would have parties at her house just to try to throw us together. I participated as one half of an acting duo performing a scene from Twelfth Night and afterward he passed me a note. Still it went nowhere. But he had my e-mail address because we would all send each other review materials for the weekly quizzes, and six months after the class ended he e-mailed me out of the blue and mentioned that he had just split up with someone (as had I). There was a "Shakespeare in the Park" production going on, so I e-mailed him back and asked him if he'd like to go. A month later he moved in with me, and we have been together for six years this month (married four in October...we had a long engagement since we were both students and paying for everything ourselves!).
  12. I met my man when I was 18 working at Wendy's. I was his coffee girl. From the first time I saw him I knew he was the one. We dated for 3yrs and after 4yrs of just being friends we are now back together and the other day I said to him, this relationship better be heading towards marriage and kids or else it's over. We are now heading towards a more committed relationship and soon I hope marriage. He's the rock in my life, he's kept me strong, always had the confidence in me when I never.
  13. We both lived at the opposite end of the dorms. He saw me studying by myself out by our floor study hall one day and started talking to me. That was almost 6 years ago.
  14. Well, I can truly say that my bf is the hottest guy I've ever met. The first time we went out I was so nervous I was trembling! I figured a guy like that would never go for me. I'm a pretty confident person, but he completely melted me. Turns out he was thinking the same thing :biggrin: We ended up meeting and going out in the first place on a total fluke...I had just broken up with a guy and was feeling impulsive so I went up to my now bf at a party and told him he was hot. That was enough to get me a date I guess! We started emailing and set up our date (which was my best date ever) and the rest is history! The best part about our random encounter is that I now realize the guy I just thought of as hot on a whim is a caring and fantastic boyfriend. I feel lucky every day to have him in my life :heart:
  15. Turns out we had almost met like a dozen times before we actually met.... and then during our soph year at college, I was at a sporting event and another one of my friends was pointing out their frat. little in the new pledge class... and I mentioned that he was cute, and one night we all went out to dinner with a mutual friend and I must've sparked his interest because soon after he invited me to his formal and... almost 5 years later we're still together. Hehe funny thing, if you ask him, he'll say he was pursuing me, but really, I worked my way to be at social things that I knew he'd be at:P