How Did Will & Grace End?!

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  1. I haven't been watching the show super regularly in the past year or so, but I'd still like to know how the show ended! Please update me!

  2. I watched the finale and i stilll dont know how it ended lol
  3. Grace and Leo got back together -- had a daughter named Lila, Will and the guy I can't remember his name (the cop) live together and had a son named Ben, Grace and Will hadn't talked to eachother for 2 years because of Grace going back to Leo but then Jack and Karen got them back together.
    Karen lost all her money and Jack supports her by living with Beverly (the hobbit-like rich guy ;)) but then Beverly gets blown off the balcony which leaves Jack with all his money so Jack and Karen live together.
    20 years later Grace's daughter and Will's son happen to move into the same dorm (across the hall from eachother) and later on again get married. The four (Will, Grace, Jack, Karen) all get together for a drink and toast to the fact that they didn't change at all.
    Happy Ending. ;)

    Did I by any chance ruin it for anyone??? ;)
  4. Awww...I haven't been able to watch W&G for almost 2-3 years but the ending sounds good!! I need to start ordering the seasons on DVD. Jack & Karen are my fav!!!
  5. wow i missed the ending.. i was hoping to watch it.. maybe on dvd when it comes out..
  6. the ending I thought was PERFECT! It was soooo cute. I love Will & sad it was the last season
  7. Aww... I love Will & Grace! I'm going to be looking up on their DVDs soon.
  8. That's a nice ending. I have to watch this episode soon.
  9. That ending sounds brilliant! I haven't seen any of the final series yet, I really need to record them.
  10. Thanks for posting the summary Jeannie77, I tivoed the show, but didn't have a chance to watch it and I was dying to find out how it ended :amuse:
  11. I am sad that the show is finished. I still watch the rerun and still have good laugh. I love W & G. By the way, how did Will and the boyfriend get the a child?
  12. Thats the same thing i want to know. How did they get the child. Also, how did Karen loose all her money? Wow, i just watch the reruns because i am never home when it comes on.
  13. SO is the son that Will has, the one that he had with Grace??
  14. Thank you! I saw the last scene where they were toating themselves and were "older" but it didn't quite make sense to me! Now I get it!!
  15. The ending was perfect - i'm SO happy about it!