How did this Seafoam Twiggy sneak by us?

  1. that's an '04 turquoise twiggy, and such a great deal, definitely once in a lifetime!!!!!!!!

    (although it does feel like it has been raining seafoams! lol)
  2. Ohh, that explains it. I didn't *think* it looked fake. Good eye, Mimz!
  3. OH man...I hate looking at past auctions!! Lucky girl!
  4. I know, that one's a real heartbreaker!

    And here I was practically ALL day on the computer yesterday!
  5. AKKKKKKKKKKK! *spazzes and then faints*
  6. Oh my gooooosh.... what a steal!!!
  7. Oh, wow...did a PFer get this!?
  8. :shocked: Cannot believe I missed this.
  9. There were only 7 hits before it was bought!
  10. a PFer totally got it! :yes: thank god! I'm so jealous.
  11. who was it, who was it???
  12. fiatflux congrats! :party:
  13. OMG!!! This price would have converted me to twiggies!!! Congrats fiatflux!
  14. Thanks y'all!! ;) I am still kind of in shock that I got it. :love:

    It was in the wee hours of the morning and I know it hadn't been available for very long before I took the plunge...