How did this happend? I'm on a ban... Reveal

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  1. Ok. I'v been a bad girl. My BF will kill me!!!

  2. The first is just something every girl need, just a small pochette to keep essentials in... Not so interesting...

  3. This one is more fun...

  4. Ooh! Let's see! :biggrin:
  5. I'm here!
  6. Oh my... that's a lot of shopping for someone who's supposed to be on a ban. ;)

    BRING ON THE LV!!! :popcorn:
  7. Peek a boo...

  8. ooh!!
  9. mon mono nf????
  10. My NF Mon Monogram... But its something wrong whit the way the colours shows in the pic. It is Purpel and gris (grey) but looks blue in the picture...

  11. And this is my dream bag!!! Im so happy:smile:

  12. :huh:o it's so pretty... oh btw, I think the mini accessories pochette is very interesting! :love:
  13. Say hello to this beauty....

  14. Antheia?
  15. It is... But not when I got those 2 other babies whit me home...:yahoo: